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Club Membership Privileges

A Family Membership in The Top Travel Club allows all family members and their friends who are travelling or booking together to access all of our direct booking savings and net prices.

We do not sell travel or take reservations and do not earn any fees or commissions from travel bookings, sales, advertising, promotions or clicks to client websites. 

100% of the savings go to our members who want to Go-Direct & Save on travel and shopping in over 100 countries with new selections added every week.

Member Savings Worldwide.

All members of The Top Travel Club also get free access to the savings at 2 additional online travel and shopping club websites that each have their own membership fee - World Privilege Club and Travelzcard (see sidebar) all for just one membership in The Top Travel Club - an exceptional value proposition!

The Club specializes in travel and over 1000 independent global travel business operators have listed and linked their offers by Destinations and Activities. They are easily found by using our in-house search feature or by going to the destination and activity sections.

There are no limits on the number of savings that can be accessed in the membership year.


We are not travel agents...We do not sell travel...We do not take or make bookings...We do not have a booking engine...We arrange for members to Go-Direct & Save...We do not allow non-client advertising...We do not earn any click fees...We encourage and support local community travel and tourism...We believe that if you Go-Direct to the source or outlet that you should not have to pay retail prices...We believe that when members Go-Direct to the operators that they will get superior knowledge, experience and expertise of destinations and activities...We realize that travel agents and agencies cannot offer the extensive variety of travel that is on offer at The Club...We are not experts on everything in travel but we try to find experts from around the world and bring them directly to our members.

We hope you, your families and your friends around this tiny planet will also find us a great resource for both travel and travellers...and join us!

  • Using the 3 Clubs for Maximum Savings.
  • Planning Your Travel at the Last Minute or in Advance.
  • Double, Triple and Quadruple Savings.
  • Membership fees easily recovered.


Top Secret

Learn the Secrets that some travel companies don't want you to know.


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Free Listings for Travel Businesses

AT NO COST to any travel and tour business, our Travel Operator Promotions system (TOPs) will promote your services to the members of TheTopTravelClub.com, WorldPrivilegeClub.com and Travelzcard. Simply offer direct booking discounts, outlet prices or unique member-only deals and you can create your own TopTravelVouchers, Promo Codes or Custom Pages with text and pictures and be listed and linked by Destination and Travel Activity. Click here for full information about your FREE account registration and NO COST promotion and sales.

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