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September 9, 2015

20% Off VIP Tours of Walt Disney World and the Universal Orlando Resort

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a7c7e20ef55b9c6f68541bcec8a4cfb6_LMagical Tours offers VIP Tours of 
Walt Disney World and the Universal Orlando Resort

The important thing is the family… if you can keep the family together. 
And that\’s the backbone of our whole business, catering to the families. That\’s what we hope to do.
– Walt Disney

Magical Tours offers VIP Tours of
Walt Disney World and the Universal Orlando Resort

The important thing is the family… if you can keep the family together.
And that’s the backbone of our whole business, catering to the families. That’s what we hope to do.
– Walt Disney


Our VIP Tours of Walt Disney World and the Universal Orlando Resort are hosted by VIP Tour Guides with years of experience working inside the parks.

Our VIP Tour Guides know how to work the system to make sure you get the maximum possible number of FastPasses when visiting the Walt Disney World parks, helping you to skip many of the longest lines at the most popular rides.

Our VIP Tour Guides specialize in making sure your wait times for rides are as little and painless as possible by navigating you around the parks to avoid the long lines and busy crowds they are known for.

Owned and operated by former Disney cast members, you can count on Magical Tours and our VIP Tour Guides to make certain that your Orlando vacation is as magical and memorable as it can be!


You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. 
But it takes people to make the dream a reality.

– Walt Disney

At Magical Tours we understand how important and valuable your personal time is. With that in mind, we invite you to relax and let us handle all of the running around and busy-work while you and your family simply enjoy our private VIP Tours of Walt Disney World and the Universal Orlando Resort!


Here’s what you can expect with our Walt Disney World VIP Tours:

Maximum FastPasses – our VIP Tour guides know exactly what order to get your FastPasses in to maximize the number of FastPasses you will get to use in a single day.  Our VIP Tour guides will make sure you get a FastPass for every FastPass ride available, and often times get you extra FastPasses to ride some of them a second time.

Less Walking – our VIP Tour guides will do all your leg-work for you!  Other guests will have to run back and forth across the park visiting rides to pick up FastPasses on their own, only to return to those rides yet again later in the day to use their FastPasses.  But with Magical Tours, you will be busy enjoying the rides while your VIP Tour guide does all the running around, picking up your FastPasses for you!

Minimal Wait Times – our VIP Tour guides know exactly what order to visit the non-FastPass rides in to make sure your wait times for those rides are as little as possible!

Insider Knowledge – all of our VIP Tour guides have spent years working inside the parks and many of our guides are former Walt Disney World cast members.  All their experience and wisdom will be right at your side, every step of the way, to make certain your vacation is the best it can be!


And with our VIP Tours of the Universal Orlando Resort you can expect:

More Rides in Less Time – why spend two days at the Universal Orlando Resort when our VIP Tour guides can help you see both of them in just one day?  Instead of spending an entire day visiting Universal Studios Florida and another whole day visiting Islands of Adventure, our VIP Tour guides can help you enjoy all the best that both Universal parks have to offer in a single day when you purchase Universal’s Express Pass and a ‘2 park-single day’ ticket!

Babysitting Service – many of the rides at the Universal Orlando Resort are aimed at teens and adults, but with our VIP Tours your guide will be on hand to sit-out any rides with guests too young or timid to experience them.  No need to worry over who is going to sit with timid little Timmy while the rest of the family enjoys the Jurassic Park River Adventure!

Save Some Money – unlike the Disney parks, Universal does not permit guests to bring any sort of belongings on to the rides with them – including bags, purses and cameras.  Instead, Universal is more than happy to rent you a locker, for a small fee, at almost each and every ride at both parks!  But with Magical Tours, you can count on your VIP Tour guide to watch over all your belongings for you, freeing you up to enjoy all the attractions without any hassle.


All of our VIP Tours are designed to your specific interests.  Using our Itinerary Survey we learn all we can from you before your tour even begins – from what sort of rides you enjoy to whether you prefer shows and parades or taking pictures and character meet and greets.  This way we can maximize your time and help you get the most out of your vacation.

For guests with special needs, you can count on Magical Tours to make sure you get to take advantage of everything Walt Disney World and theUniversal Orlando Resort have to offer you.  Our VIP Tour guides are familiar with all the benefits designed to make your visit to parks as easy and stress free as possible.

All of our tours start when the parks open (usually about 9:00 AM) and last 9 hours.  This allows us to take the most advantage of Disney’s FastPass system to make sure you get to avoid as many lines as possible.

Our VIP Tours are priced for families and small groups of about 12 or fewer guests, but we are prepared to assist larger groups as well.  All of our VIP Tour Services include the use of one tour guide; however additional guides can be made available if desired.


As a member of the Top Travel Club, you can expect a 20% discount when you book your Magical Tour!

Visit our website to view our current published rates.  When you call to book your tour mention the promo code “Magical Top Travel Club” to receive 20% off our standard published rates.  It’s that simple!


VIP Tour Service Details:

Our VIP Tour Service is designed for small groups of 12 or fewer guests. Additional charges may apply for groups larger than 12 guests. All tour rates are subject to change without notice.

Tours begin when the park opens for general admission (usually 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM depending on the day and season). Starting a tour late may result in longer wait times, and at Walt Disney World theme parks, may also result in less (or no) access to FastPasses for certain rides and shows.

Tours are scheduled to last 9 hours.  Extended VIP Tour services are available for guests who wish to tour longer than 9 hours.

For Walt Disney World tours, guests may choose to visit more than one Walt Disney World park in the day (if their tickets permit them), but we highly recommend one park per tour day. Choosing to move to a second park during the day will mean waiting in much longer lines at the second park, as well as possibly not having access to FastPasses for certain rides and shows at the second park.

For Universal Orlando Resort tours, we highly suggest guests purchase the Express (Plus) Pass and a “2 Park – One Day” ticket to allow our guides to tour both Universal Orlando theme parks with the guests in a single day.

Our guides cannot guarantee that you will not wait in any lines. Everyone has to wait in some lines at any of the theme parks we tour (even those guests who use Disney’s own VIP service at Walt Disney World have to wait in some lines for rides and shows). What our guides do is use their experience and knowledge to help you avoid most of the long lines and crowds as well as maximize the number of FastPasses you can get during the day.  We do not “cheat the system” by using Guest Assistance or Med Cards.

Tours are planned based on the guests’ input using our Itinerary Survey form that tells us what sort of rides and shows the guests enjoy and what sort of events and activities the guests may wish to experience, such as parades, photo taking or character meet-n-greets.

All attendees must be 18 years of age or older or accompanied by a parent or guardian. Your Magical Tours VIP Tour guide may be able to ‘sit out’ a ride with a younger guest who does not want to enjoy the attraction with the rest of the group, but we cannot be held accountable for the younger guest or their actions while in the company of the Magical Tours guide.

All attendees must furnish their own park passes and tickets as needed. The cost of the tour covers only the tour itself and does not include food, souvenirs or any other expenses incurred by the attendees.

All tours must be fully paid for to be considered ‘booked’. Should the need to cancel arise, please do so no later than 2 weeks (14 days) prior to your first day of your tour to receive a full refund (minus a 5% book keeping fee). Tours cancelled less than 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the first day of the tour may not be eligible for a refund.

We are very sorry, however Magical Tours cannot be held accountable to issue refunds due to inclement weather, decisions made by the theme park’s management to close certain attractions or entire areas of a park, or for any other situations out of our own control.

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