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October 12, 2015

4Day 3Night Gibbon Spotting Experience (Siem Reap – Ban Lung – Siem Reap

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Gibbon Spotting Cambodia have now created a new 4 day tour directly to Ban Lung and back, using a new road which cuts a day from the normal tour route allowing you to experience something special that has never before been offered from Siem Reap.

A gibbon tour is simply an amazing experience for all wildlife lovers to see the recently discovered incredibly rare ‘northern yellow-cheeked gibbons’ in their natural habitat in Ratanakiri province of the Northeast Cambodia.

Our tours are limited to a group size or 6 and a minimum of 2 people.
Tours can leave wither from Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.

What you will experience and hope to see on the Trek
–    An endangered species of gibbon living in a natural pristine environment
–    Experience amazing cycling through the beautiful evergreen forest in Ratanikiri
–    Indigenous people and local villages along the way to the research station
–    Claw marks and footprints of various animals such as gaur, boar, deer or jungle cat and more
–    B52 bomb craters which are now waterholes for resident animals
–    Salt licks where monkeys, deer and forest cattle come to eat soil which is high in minerals
–    Bird watching in Veal Thom Savannah as the sun goes down
–    Walk the resin trail and see how local communities collect tree resin sustainably to support their local livelihoods
–    Local Ferry crossing
–    Boat ride up the river, experience local river life.
–    Night hike through the jungle to get and aspect of the forest and the wildlife at night.
–    The overall feeling of being at one with nature and spending time in the jungle.
–    Visit the wonderful Yaek Lom Lake, a Volcanic Crater.

Trip Details:
Day 1    Siem Reap – Beng Mealea  – Ban Lung     Pickup @ 7:30AM
Today we leave Siem Reap after an early breakfast and start our gibbon adventure by stopping to see the lost temple of Beng Mealea.   A titanic of temples, a slumbering giant lost for centuries in the forests of Cambodia.   We then continue our journey across the province of Preah Vihear, named after the late 9th century temple to the province of Steung Treng.  Before arriving in Steung Treng for lunch we cross the Mekong River  by a local ferry, which we share with local villagers.  We then continue to Ban Lung in the province of Ratanakiri arriving in afternoon.  You are then free to relax and settle in your surrounding until the gibbon trek evening briefing at 7pm held at ‘Terre Rouge Lodge’.  At the meeting we will run over the trek details and all participants are to then sign the consent forms.  You can then enjoy your last night in civilisation before your adventure begins.

Day 2    Gibbon Spotting Trek     Pickup @ 8AM
Today you will be picked up from your hotel at 8.30am and depart by car from Ban Lung at 9am and travel 35 km north to Kachon village approximately 45 minutes away. In Kachon, a boat will be waiting to take you 12 km, again approximately 45 minutes downstream on the Sesan River to Veun Sai town.  On this journey you can observe the nature on the riverbank and the daily activities of the people who live along the river.  In Veun Sai town we will take bicycle to travel about 30 minutes to I Tub village, a Laotian community approximately halfway to the Veun Sai-Siem Pang Conservation Area station.
Once in I Tub, we will take a short break for lunch and meet with a member of the Community-based Ecotourism Team.  After lunch we continue to the station by bike along a forest path, we might see tracks and signs of some of the local wildlife such as the claw marks of the sun bear on the tree trunks, or footprints of deer and other species as well as local birds.  We will cycle the majority of the way but in order to get a good look at our surroundings we will hike in some parts.
At around 3pm we will arrive at the gibbon research station where you will be introduced to the station chief, scientists and researchers, your gibbon guide and shown around the camp.  You then have time to relax and make yourself comfortable before walking to the nearby savannah for a spot of bird watching; alternatively you can take out the mountain bikes and cycle around the forest paths before sit down to an early dinner at 6:45pm
The night hike
At around 8pm we go for an 80 minute night jungle hike, equipped with torches. The canopy is home to many nocturnal animals such as the pygmy-loris (a small arboreal primate) and the civet (a small jungle cat). Close to the ground, it is much harder to spot other night animals; however with the torches the reflection of their eyes often reveals their location. You will then head to bed at about 10:00pm before rising early as you will need to be awake well before sunrise the next day.
Day 3    Gibbon Spotting Trek: Day 2 (B, L)
Today we rise early at 3:15am because the gibbons wake up with the sun and call to mark their territory as soon as dawn breaks.  At 4am, whilst it is still dark we following a small trail to the protected gibbon area about 45 minutes away to make sure that we are there in time to hear their call.  We then reach the edge of a grassy savannah and wait for the call of a certain gibbon family, currently the only group that accepts people in their presence.  The different groups start to call (sing) at around sunrise with some calls carrying up to 2km. Once the habituated groups of gibbon’s starts to sing, the gibbon guide will try to locate them in the forest as fast as possible and he will guide us to the spot so we can watch them as they go about their morning activities in the tree canopy. In some cases they let you come very close -less than 15 meters – which provides an excellent opportunity to take pictures.
This is a special time as the gibbons can travel quickly in the trees and leave in a split second, anytime they want.  Once they do, it can be very difficult for us to find them again, however the group can often be followed for a couple of hours throughout the forest.   After the gibbon spotting we head back to the station for brunch at about 10:30am.

After brunch we pack up and get ready to leave. We follow a different path through the jungle and head back to I Tub village.  Again, some parts we will cycle some we will walk. On the way we visit a Chinese and Laos settlement and take a short walk around the village.  It’s a nice idyllic village with friendly people and on certain days you will be able to witness traditional local weaving.  We then continue back to Veun Sai town, cross the Sesan River by a small ferry, before stopping off for lunch at a restaurant that boasts a beautiful view of the river and its banks. Our journey has now come to an end and we are picked up by car and travel back to Ban Lung arriving at approximately 4pm.  Back at your hotel you are then free to completely relax and to wash the red earth away.

Day 4    Ban Lung to Yaek Lom Lake and then Siem Reap Pickup @ 7:30AM
Today it is almost the end of your Gibbon Spotting adventure but we have one more surprise in store.   Before we transfer you back to Siem Reap, we take a final stop to see the Volcanic Crater of Yaek Lom Lake.  Once here you have time to walk around, take a swim or to enjoy sitting on a wooden bench listening to the surrounding nature.
We then drive you all the way back retracing our steps all the way back to Siem Reap arriving in the late afternoon / early evening.

Additional Info
Country: Cambodia
Region: Ratanakiri
City: Ban Lung
Address: Veun Sai - Siem Pang Conversation
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