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September 6, 2017

6-Day Komodo Islands Voyage (Aboard a Luxury Liveaboard Sailing Vessel)

Written By indoexcursions


Imagine flying to the tropical Island of Flores in eastern Indonesia, boarding a luxurious traditional Indonesian sailing vessel, and setting sail for the the famed KOMODO ISLANDS!

Imagine spending 4 glorious days sleeping in opulent quarters and eating meals prepared by a private chef, whilst gliding through crystal blue waters teeming with dolphins, green turtles, giant mantarays and more marine life than anywhere else on earth.

Imagine snorkeling on pristine white beaches (and a pink one too), and exploring island coastlines in search of a few of the 2,500 Komodo Dragons that inhabit the Komodo Islands.

Each and every month, IndoExcursions’ luxurious vessel raises it sails to take 8 travellers on the voyage of a lifetime.  We hope you’ll join us.


Activity Details

East of Bali is the Indonesian Island of FLORES.  And just a stone’s throw off the western tip of Flores lay the KOMODO ISLANDS, a UNESCO-protected World Heritage Site and home to the famed Komodo Dragon, the world’s largest monitor lizard.

​Whilst intrepid travellers and dragon chasers have been coming to the Komodo Islands since the 1980s, it wasn’t until 2011, when Komodo National Park was named as one of the NEW SEVEN WONDERS OF NATURE, that the islands caught the attention of the world at large.

Since that time, the port in Labuan Bajo (the Capital of Flores and gateway to the Komodo Islands) has filled with boats of every size and quality – many small and ramshackle, a few large and luxurious – as boat owners attempt to capitalise on the growing demand for boat tours to the Komodos.

The IndoExcursions vessel is one of those few in the “large and luxurious” category.  Each and every month, our magnificent traditional Indonesian sailing vessel leaves the Labuan Bajo harbour with 8 IndoExcursions travellers, a private chef, and a full onboard staff.

For 4 glorious days, we sail the azure waters of the Komodo Islands – an area boasting the greatest marine biodiversity on earth, 25 percent of the world’s coral reef, and 3,500 of the world’s 4,500 reef fish species. During our voyage, you may snorkel on pristine sandy white beaches in the hope of encountering dolphins, green turtles and giant mantarays; or explore the island coasts in search of Komodo Dragons; or, if you prefer, you may spend the entire 4 days relaxing in a lounge chair on deck with a margarita in hand.  All this, whilst enjoying world-class meals and accommodations on a truly luxurious sailing vessel. What’s not to love?

On Day 6, before departing on our voyage, we spend the afternoon exploring Labuan Bajo and the evening at our Labuan Bajo beach resort watching the sun set over the Komodo Islands in the distance. On Day 5, upon returning from our 4-day cruise, we spend a final night in Labuan Bajo, enjoying a sumptuous farewell dinner together before going our separate ways the following morning.

We hope you’ll join us for 6 days of friendship, conversation . . . and the adventure of a lifetime!

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