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About and Your Travel Advantage!

Members get access to 100’s of 1000’s of Direct Booking Discounts and Savings or ‘Outlet’ Prices on travel and shopping selections in over 100 countries at 3 global clubs, and Hotelsetc…..all for JUST ONE family membership fee in

Travel the World…Stay at great Hotels…Eat at great Restaurants…Seek Adventures & Activities

The Club does not sell travel or take reservations.All members handle their own arrangements directly with the listed travel operators using our unique Top Travel Offers or Promo Codes.The Club does not earn any fees or commissions from reservations or sales.100% of savings go directly to members. New travel selections are added every week.Family Membership dues are quickly recovered when using any of the savings at any of the 3 Clubs!

For Top Travel Offers

  • Decide on a Destination or Activity and see what The Club has for you and your family and friends.
  • Check out the savings offered and Outlet Prices using our Top Travel Offers or Promo Codes.
  • Log in and Go-Direct to the selected Travel Provider for full information and bookings.
  • Work with the local travel business, tour operators or experts and book-direct!
  • All of your family will get the discounts and savings for just one membership!
  • Check out the demo for Hotelsetc offers.


The Club directly links you to local businesses for you to Go-Direct & Save and for ‘outlet’ prices or with an expert wholesaler or retailer that is prepared to give member-only savings. Local operators may also recommend other local travel businesses that may not have the resources to market and promote their unique travel offers to a global audience of travellers. Small businesses in local economies will benefit from your direct bookings. Your Club creates direct links for members to research, plan and book directly with travel and tour businesses based in your destination country or experts somewhere on this tiny planet that have exceptional knowledge, experience and expertise of Destinations, Adventures and Activities.

Not sure where to go or what to do?

  • Simply spend a little time with our Go-Directory of Travel and Tour businesses that want to offer outlet prices or direct booking discounts and savings and see the demo for Hotelsetc.

Isn’t that a Keep It Super Simple (KISS) program?
We’re the Tops for…Top Travel Deals, Top Travel Sites and Sights, Top Travellers, Top Travelers, Top Destinations, Top Activities,Top Travel Tips, Top Travel Operators, Top Travel Providers, Top Travel Blogs.
We simply TOP THEM ALL!

Why it is smarter to Go-Direct. & Save!….. a few words on travel pricing.

  • A local tour operator or accommodation provider has to reach out to a global audience of travellers and often needs to market through third-party sellers – and they want to make profits!
  • Local Operators to Inbound Tour Operators to Overseas Wholesalers to Retailers – all of these middlemen want to make commissions on sales – let’s try some simple arithmetic…..

Travel Pricing scenario

Tour Operator / Travel Provider cost of tour or accommodation is…              say $1000
T.O. adds the amount needed to get a Return on Investment…                        say 25%      250
Outlet Price at the source –                                                                                        Our Member Price… $1250
Wholesaler offers to represent and sell the product & adds…                            say 20%     250
Wholesale price to a retailer or sometimes direct to traveller $1500
Retailer adds another amount to cover costs and profit margin…                    say 25%      375
Retail Price or                                                                                                               Non Member Price.. $1875


The mark-up from the Outlet Price is a whopping 50%!

Members who Go-Direct could save $625. for each family member & friends.

With just ONE membership!

Different mark-ups can be higher or lower than the above scenario.


All of our Go-Direct & Save travel deals are controlled by our travel business clients.

They have full control of their offers and can add, edit or delete at any time.

We regret that some will be ‘stale-dated’ or ‘time-expired’ for which we apologise.

But we still recommend…

Contact them about similar current deals available to members.

The new deals may be even better!

Free Listings for Travel Businesses

AT NO COST to any travel and tour business, our Travel Operator Promotions system (TOPs) will promote your services to the members of, and Travelzcard. Simply offer direct booking discounts, outlet prices or unique member-only deals and you can create your own TopTravelVouchers, Promo Codes or Custom Pages with text and pictures and be listed and linked by Destination and Travel Activity. Click here for full information about your FREE account registration and NO COST promotion and sales.