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The Top Travel Club Affiliate Program

Helping Charities, Non-Profits and Project Fund Raisers Increase their Donations

Answers to the most common questions about generating extra donations for your organisation plus all you need to know on how to get started and what happens next.

What is The Top Travel Club Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is a proven way to increase your donations and income by selling our travel membership from your own website. Its free to join and there is no personal selling involved or product to stock or ship out. 

Our memberships cost $49 which is a special price for affiliates to sell at (normal price is $98) and for each one you sell we will give you $25 in donations.

People will be encouraged to purchase a travel membership because they know they will be supporting your cause and donating $25 of their purchase price to you and your organisation.

What is The Top Travel Club Membership (TTTC)

TTTC is an opportunity to access unique travel offers with direct booking discounts and savings for travel in over 100 countries as well as over 1500 independent global travel business operators offering direct booking deals.

We are constantly adding new discount offers and travel operators to the membership package. Our membership fee is easily recovered by booking 1 hotel night.

How Does the Travel Club Affiliate Program Work

Once you have registered for our program you will then have a unique affiliate code that can be used on your website. We will then create an advert for you that links to your code so that you may place this advert on your website.

When someone clicks on the advert they are taken to our travel membership page where they can purchase a $49 package. Once this happens you are then inline for a $25 donation.

We will know its your donation because the unique code in your advert tells us where the customer originated from.

You will also receive an email informing you of any donations earned and these will be paid direct to you once the 30 day money back guarantee has expired.

What Do You Need to Do Next

Its a fairly straight forward process to getting started.

Just sign up to our affiliate program using the registration form further down the page.

You will need to choose and enter what size advert you would like (use the examples of advert sizes to guide you) on your website, obviously the bigger the ad the more we can tailor it for your organisation.

Once we see you have signed up we can then create your advert and then email it over to you ready for you to add to your website.

And thats it, you will then be able to start earning repeat donations selling our travel membership.

Fill Out the Registration Form Below

And don’t forget to choose what size advert you would like by using the guide just below.

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Once we see your registration come through we will be in touch in a few days with your new affiliate advert.

And please keep an eye out for an immediate email with all your affiliate login details so that you can keep track of all your donations.

Thank You from The Top Travel Club


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