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Author Archives: Yevgenia Vasilieva

February 22, 2018

Unique nature travel to Siberia. Pristine nature, rich wildlife.

Written By Yevgenia Vasilieva

This nature tour will give you a unique opportunity to see the great variety of Altai landscapes. Brown steppe with semi-desert flora like Mongolia and green valleys with snow-covered peaks like Switzerland, emerald lakes hidden in velvet hills like Northern India and even red-coloured ground like Mars – all these places in one nature travel!

We will take you far from popular tourist routes and show you the genuine Altai wildlife.

You will have a high chance to observe wild animals – sheep, fox, marmot, ground squirrel, hare, alpine ibex, birds of prey and others. A particular highlight of our travel to nature is a visit to Sailugem National Park, home to Pallas’ cat and Snow Leopard. We will check one of the wildcams which is placed in the park to capture the daily life of the animals. If we are lucky we will see some unique pictures of rare animals.

Since ancient times Altai has been a sacral place for many peoples and nations. Our wildlife tour covers a great number of archeological artifacts of different epochs (petroglyphs, burial mounds, stone figures) which are still in their original state.

And of course, we will meet local people and learn more about their traditions and everyday life. Many of them still live in a nomads’ way as their ancestors have done for centuries.

Join us on this nature trip for an unforgettable encounter with both wildlife and culture!

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February 19, 2018

Outstanding adventure holidays in Siberia

Written By Yevgenia Vasilieva

Spend 12 exhilarating days exploring Altai, the land of beautiful untouched nature, archeological mysteries and keeping traditions!

Our adventure holidays’ itinerary combines enjoying fascinating sceneries and observing wildlife, off-road driving and hiking, meeting local people and learning their traditions. It will be also a kind of physical challenge – some of the fantastic viewing points are only reachable on foot. Almost every day of our adventure tour we will explore a new location and you will see how diverse Altai nature is – alpine peaks with eternal snow and broad steppes, dense forests and green valleys, narrow rocky canyons and high-mountain lakes.

Watch wild animals and birds – marmots, ground-squirrels, wild sheep and goats, foxes, eagles, vultures, kites, cranes and many other species. Altai is a home to rare and threatened animals. Under the guidance of a National park ranger, we will have a real adventure – explore the habitat of snow leopard and search for his markings on the trees and rocks.

Become an observer of thousands of years of Altai history, exploring ancient petroglyphs, stelas and kurgans. Due to low utilization of the lands, they are saved almost in their original state. Many of them are still an enigma for scientists, especially which belong to a mystery civilization of Siberian Scythians (5-2 century BC).

Get to know modern nomads’ way of living. We will communicate a lot with local people in order to understand their traditions and customs.

Join us on this tour and make your holidays a real outdoor adventure!

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February 18, 2018

Culture trip to Siberia

Written By Yevgenia Vasilieva

The Altai region is famous for its pristine wonderful nature. But the cultural heritage of the people who lived in this territory is really worth special tours. Altai’s history is full of mysteries, world-known discoveries and dizzying achievements.

This culture tour will take you to the most interesting places on the map of Altai krai. You will see the sites and artefacts with your own eyes and will get the exhaustive information straight from the source. You will pass through the whole history of human being – just from the Neanderthal times to the 20th century.

The Denisova cave where a new human branch was discovered, kurgans of the highly developed and almost unknown Scythian civilization, Old-Believers who keep living in the traditional way since the 17th century, the stone-cutting factory in the remote village where world masterpieces were produced, silver and gold mines of the 18-19th century where the technical development of that time was one of the highest in the world – all these outstanding sites are located in Altai and included in the itinerary.

And of course every day of the tour you will enjoy delightful landscapes of the Altai highlands. Special hikes to the Shinok waterfalls, along Kolyvan lake with unique granite rocks and to the fantastic forest lake Mokhovoe will show you the Altai nature in all its beauty.

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