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December 2, 2017

10% Off All Inclusive Yellowstone and Grand Teton Photography Vacation

Written By Tom Mace

We are excited to offer The Top Travel Club a 10% off deal ($479 savings) on one of the greatest  wildlife and nature adventures we offer.  This trip offers our clients an incredible tour of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.  Bring your cameras to learn wildlife and nature photography from a professional photographer, relax as everything during your trip is taken care of, and immerse yourself in a once and a lifetime adventure.

Leg 1: Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Daddy of all National Parks is a nature photographer’s dream come true. With lush forests, thermal geysers, broad valleys, lakes, rivers, and a large diversity of wildlife; a photographer can immerse themselves in what many believe is the most complete photography experience of all the national parks.  The park is uniquely laid out, allowing visitors to safely gain access to large concentrations of wildlife without disrupting their natural environment.

Leg 2: The Grand Tetons is a photographer’s playground.  From capturing the abundant wildlife to the magnificent landscapes with the Tetons as your backdrop; our clients will have ample opportunities to explore everything this amazing National Park offers. Grand Teton National Park is very accessible and most wildlife and landscape photography happens directly outside our vehicle.

We plan several trips to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone each year relying on our experience and success we have had photographing in these parks in the past.  Our itinerary is designed to give our clients a one of a kind experience and the best of what Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks have to offer. From landscape photography to understanding the best areas to photograph wildlife, we put you in the right place at the right time to maximize your visit in the parks.  Not only are your group leaders experts in photographing and navigating these magnificent landmarks; they pride themselves on maintaining and respecting the natural environment of the parks.

*Included in the pricing: Photography Education, Expert Guides, Lodging, Meals, Ground Transportation, Park Fees, Ample Snacks and Refreshments.

**Mot included in the pricing: Travel to the destination, airfare, alcohol.

Objectives for the Trip:

  • Create a learning environment where we get both you and your camera ready for the many types of wildlife and nature photography opportunities we will experience. There will be several working sessions in the field to help you improve your photography skills and practice anticipating and reacting to both animals and the environment in which you are shooting.
  • Visit locations that place our photographers in the best viewing areas to capture animals in their natural habitat. Including Bison, Elk, Bear, Deer, Moose, Wolves, Pronghorn, Fox, Eagles, Osprey, and many other animals as presented. Our focus will be early mornings and late afternoons in locations that give our clients the best chance to photograph at designated, safe distances.
  • The Tetons is one of the best places in America to capture amazing foregrounds against the stunning mountain range background.  We will take full advantage of sunrise and sunset opportunities incorporating the Tetons, wildlife and other subjects in frame. If the skies are favorable, we will also venture out at night for an optional session to capture the Milky Way in the park.
  • Locations we visit in the park include. Yellowstone: Geyser Basin, Hayden Valley, Lamar Valley, Mammoth Hot Springs, Fishing Bridge.  Grand Tetons: Mormon Row, Jenny Lake, Signal Mt., Gros Ventre, Oxbow bend.  We also work with local partners to understand current wildlife trends to get you to the best viewing locations, some not listed above.
  • We are authorized park permittees in all government regulated locations we visit, this includes National Parks and Wildlife Refuges.  We follow all park regulations and uphold the values established to protect you and the park we are visiting. Be careful booking any photography vacations with companies that cannot provide proper documentation, it can end your trip very quickly.

Trip Highlights

Dates: June 9th – June 17th,  2018
Origin: June 9th: West Yellowstone Airport, land before 3p, Tripod Travelers will pick you up.
Departure: June 17th: Jackson Hole Airport, depart after 1p, Tripod Travelers will drop you off.
Total Photographers: 6
Ground Transportation: 10 Person Touring Van
Hotel Cities: West Yellowstone, MT and Grand Teton National Park
Photography Subjects: Wildlife and Landscape
Key Learnings: Capturing Wildlife, Subjects in Motion, Composition, Landscapes, Exposure, Shutter Speeds, Aperture, ISO, Depth of Field, Histogram, Raw vs. JPEG, Camera Settings, Presets, Post Processing, and more.

June 9: All Travelers meet at Hotel by 5p. Tripod Travelers will pick up all clients at the airport. Orientation, dinner, meet and greet at local establishment.

June 10: 530a breakfast, drive to key locations to photograph wildlife in Yellowstone. 12p, lunch West Yellowstone. 4p early dinner return to wildlife locations and photograph through sunset.  12-4p we can review pictures and discuss post processing.

June 11: 5:30a drive to key locations to photograph wildlife and sunrise, breakfast 12p, lunch in the park. 1:30p continue photographing wildlife in the park. Dinner at 7p outside of park.

June 12: 530a breakfast, drive to key locations to photograph wildlife in Yellowstone. 12p, lunch outside the park. 4p early dinner return to wildlife locations and photograph through sunset.  12-4p we can review pictures and discuss post processing.

June 13: 6a Breakfast, check out of lodge. Geyser Photography in the am. Drive to Grand Teton National Park. Lunch in Grand Teton NP. Check into Hotel, dinner, wildlife and sunset photography.

June 14: 530a, Sunrise and wildlife photography.  Lunch, afternoon photography then dinner. Sunset photography in Park.  Optional: Stars Photography if skies are favorable.

June 15: Breakfast 7a, return to park to photograph wildlife, 12p lunch, break until 4p, early dinner then photograph wildlife and sunset.  12-4p we can review pictures and discuss post processing.

June 16: Breakfast 530a, sunrise and wildlife photography.  12p lunch inside the park, continue wildlife photography until 6p, dinner.  Optional: Stars Photography if skies are favorable.

June 17: Breakfast 8a, Checkout of Hotel at 11a, picture review and post processing during this time.  Depart Jackson Hole after 1p.

Visit for more details.

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