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ACTIVATION EMAILS for Travel Operators

Travel business operators are sent an ‘activation email’ after they register with our Travel Operator Promotions system, also known as TOPs.

In order to list and link their direct booking savings offers to our members they need to click on the link to activate their account and get access to TOPs.

This activation email allows a simple ‘click’ access to create destination and activity offers together with pictures that will be ‘pinned’ at our .

Once the offers are in TOPs we will review the travel operator offers for approval before adding them to our ‘Latest Travel Deals’ for our members.

Over 1200 independent global travel businesses offer 1000’s of direct booking savings on travel in over 100 countries with new additions added every week.

All travel businesses get our services at no cost and they can add, edit or delete their offers at any time.

We support many travel businesses that have difficulty in getting their products presented to a global audience of travellers and will continue to invite them to showcase their deals for our members who want to Go-Direct & Save.

We all win at The Top Travel Club

Did you know that 5, 10, 25% or even more of the cost of your vacations can be paid to Middlemen – wholesale or retail travel agents?   Fair enough when you need and get, knowledge, experience and expertise of the destination or activity that you wish to book from the agent.   But, if you simply need to book your vacation or travel arrangements directly from the websites of travel business operators……



When members of book their own travel arrangements, most of that commission stays in THEIR OWN WALLETS! and are currently offering Direct Booking Savings (equivalent to the commission paid to an agent – or even more! Or the listed and linked travel business operators will offer the same price that they would sell to a middleman who will mark up for their own profit margins.

How to Go-Direct & Save:

1.   Check out for an exciting destination or activity.

2.   Contact travel operator to check quality, pricing and availability.

3.   Book directly with the travel operator using the Direct Links info.


4.   100% money-back guarantee on all memberships.


5.   Just one membership may be used by all family members and their friends who travel or book together – WOW!


Simple Isn’t It – GO-DIRECT and TRULY SAVE!


You have just saved yourself and your travel companions the commission that your travel provider would have paid to an agent and the travel provider has just saved advertising and promotion costs. There is NO COST to the travel provider (B&B, Hotel, Lodge, Tour Operator, Activity and Adventure Operators).   They authorize The Club to list and link their direct offers to be sold to members at greatly reduced prices.


EVERYBODY WINS!  says Traveller.

Members get a 3 4 1 package!

A Family Membership in The Top Travel Club now allows members to access 3 online travel and shopping clubs for just one membership. If you click on the Travelzcard link you can review their membership benefits….. which now include us!

The picture here is for sand boarding in Egypt…a country that should be on every traveller’s bucket list of ‘must visit’ …sadly it seems that many potential visitors are waiting for calmer and safer times to see the wonders of this ancient world.

New travel businesses add their direct booking offers with savings every day and if they supply some good pictures we will add them to our…take a peek, follow us or add your pins.  We often tweet and twitter away about some of our exceptional travel adventures which you can also follow by clicking the links at the top of this page.

If you have any special travel selections that are not available at The Club, why not ask us to contact the operator to see if they want to offer direct booking savings…we need your help as we cannot reach all of them by ourselves.

Surfs up in Portugal…and Mt. Pinatubo is resting….Traveller

Code of the West

thumb_desertRather than write my own blog I want to take this opportunity to direct you to a very important website that has blogs that should be read by everybody who is concerned with the ethical standards of business and our own personal day-to-day living standards.

I was originally introduced to this organization when I purchased one of their books in Cody, Wyoming on a flyfishing  and RVing trip a year or so ago.

Thanksgiving is a timely way to introduce this superb website to you and to your family, friends, business colleagues and acquaintances. Please visit and pass this link along as your own Thanksgiving gift.

Y’all will feel good by Tweeting and FBing and Networking and Pony Expressing it…y’hear…

The Top Pettifogger’s challenging Scrabble for words

thumb_photo1We do not befuddle our travel-trade clients…we simply ask them to let our members Go-Direct & Save!

The dreamlike imagery supplied by our travel-trade clients at our Pinterest site has caused us to be referred to as hypnopompic and we are very proud of that fact. On occasion borborygm can happen so we simply go to our culinary section for the calming effects offered to our palates by our wonderful culinary tour operators. Some of our onsite adventures can make us horripilate for a while but the feeling soon dissipates.

We apologise when we forget names and hope we do not tarttle too often and if we are sometimes found fastuous, we blame our excellent travel offers and accept that it is quite a reasonable state to be in. We durst in our overmany and continued growth of direct booking deals.

I am not a quockerwodger, crambazzle, or cockalorum and do not jauk but after this twattle you may have a different opinion.

I am looking forward to some apricity this winter so as not to be too cold after the snowbroth and jargogle my blog. Being xyresic I often kench and after reading this you may enter into lethean and will need to go to Lexican, but do not tarry and you may very well wax to the next level.

When we feel grumpish or crapulous at The Club we simply head to the kitchen and groak and remind ourselves that, as yet, there is no pogonotrophy in our office but we palpebrate when someone starts one. However, most of us are diversivolent that only a whisternefet could change.

I had a keelivine handy for drafting this betwixt lunch and afternoon tea and bickies. Some of you will show accismus when reading this and may even be an eccedentesiast but hopefully not an ergophobic.

We are only being a little furciferous in publishing this blog which must be selcouth to 99.9% of the population of this tiny planet but we do hope you have found this philavery to be of interest and can assure you, according to Lexican, that all of these weird and wonderful words were once in use sometime somewhere.

We have certainly confused ‘Word’ but that is not too difficult but we thank it for the few which have been accepted.

We do not expect anyone to reach the end of this but if you do, please do not be a cullion or a jackanape.

Cheers for now and bottoms up…

This blogificence is courtesy of the doozy Traveller and over 900 independent travel businesses offering direct booking savings to members of The Top Travel Club

Anyone unfortunate enough to reach the end of this deserves a reward…. and here it is –

We invite you to forward this to your English-speaking and Scrabble friends around this tiny planet with a challenge for them to un-scrabble the who, what, why, where, when of these wonderful weird words of wisdom.