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TOPs for Travel Operator Promotions


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After a frustrating 2 months converting our old Joomla website to the new WordPress  version in order to allow us to offer access to the fantastic deals at Hotelsetc we are re-launching and inviting our 1200+ travel business operators to get a first look…..we will also be going ‘mobile’ in 2016.

Apologies to our current Travel Business Operators…we regret to advise you that old passwords were unable to be transferred but you can sign in and use our ‘forgot password’ link to change it and to access, edit and update your offers ….or you can re-register and create new offers.

It is important to update your old offers and add new ones which will all be promoted to our own visitors and members and to the members of our 3 global partners at WorldPrivilegePlus, Global Travelzcard and Hotelsetc.

Our new website will be available to members of Hotelsetc  (over 4,000,000 membership cards sold).                          

Our Social Media Partner will also be offering additional opportunities for you to get more marketing and promotion at our Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter sites and we will be introducing a website design group specializing in travel and tour business websites.

Support Your Local Travel Businesses….We continue to support all quality local travel business operators and invite you to pass our offer of no cost advertising, marketing, promotion and direct bookings and sales to your own tourism offices, associates  and other quality local travel businesses.

All local travel businesses, from B&B’s to Grand Hotels and Lodges, Day Tours to Extended Tours and all types of Local Adventure and Activity Operators can benefit from our Travel Operator Promotions system ….we call it TOPs and it is free!

That’s right…… there is no charge for any of our services to any quality travel business that can offer direct booking savings to our members.

Please go to our website to create your new log-in / password, to re-register or to register as a new travel business in TOPs.

In addition to free listed links, all registered travel businesses get a free family membership to 100’s of 1000’s of travel and shopping savings in over 100 countries… on the Hotelsetc demo on our front page to see the latest deals but to get these new deals you need to log in as a member or registered travel business (Travco).

Our members will Go-Direct & Save with you….


More Fantastic Travel Deals


In order to add Member-only access to thousands of new global discounts on accommodations, cruises, car rentals and a myriad of other recreational activities we needed to convert our website from Joomla to WordPress.

This has taken a number of weeks but we have re-launched and will be testing and tweaking to further improve our services to both our travel business operators and our members.

We will be contacting all of our 1200+ travel business operators via our Mail Chimp service to inform them of the many improvements to our complimentary services.

WE ARE STILL OPEN FOR NEW TRAVEL BUSINESSES!   No costs of any kind for any of our services if you offer direct booking savings / net of commission prices to our members.  We warmly welcome small quality travel businesses that may not be able to get global recognition and promotion of their travel services. Supporting local businesses is good for all businesses in the local economies….the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker et al.

Please go to our Travel Operator Registration link for full details of this complimentary service.

Our global travel savings are only available to our members with their log in and passwords….. one family membership may be used by all family and friends booking or travelling together…WOW!

During our ‘tweaking’ period we invite you to help us improve our website so that we may better serve both our registered Travcos and Members.

We are developing a service for fundraising for non-profits and other membership clubs and organizations that wish to offer our benefits to their own members together with a new idea to help crowd-funding operators achieve their goals.

Stay tuned…. Traveller