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Here is our latest Go-Direct & Save travel update for all travellers around this tiny planet.

A family membership in allows all family members direct access to over 1400 travel businesses offering 1000’s of direct booking savings on accommodations, tours and adventures in over 100 countries with new additions added every week.

You can use the search feature or select by destinations or activities or go to the Travel Deals link and access over 200 pages of Go-Direct & Save travel options.

 And, the direct access deals at Hotelsetc  are exceptional as follows:


Members get this free direct access to (reg. 99usd p.a.) and can search over 80,000 hotels at below public rates (USA as much as 69% off / Global as much as 60% off). In addition members have access to over 4,000 unpublished hotel rates that can beat the public rates by up to 60%.

 Below market hotel prices can also be accessed with over 100.000 properties that exceed 50% off but on average you will get 10% to 20% off on best available rates.


With our partnership with Hotelsetc members can also find discounted airfares in Business, First Class and International Coach to anywhere in the world and with Southern Airways Express 15% off is available.  With Southwest Vacations you can get up to $150 per reservation on flight + hotel packages.


Purchase $25, $50 worth of Discount Dining Dollars to be used at 70,000 restaurants plus entertainment and shopping discounts.

Endless Vacation Rentals:

Members enjoy 25% off at over 200,000 vacation rentals.

Golf Courses:

7,000 Golf Courses at up to 80% off. Members simply log in to access golf discounts online and live tee time reservations.

Elite Concierge NYC:

2 Royale requests, which is equivalent to 2hrs Royale concierge service, for $20 generally priced at $100.

Bed & Breakfast:

Access hundreds of vacation home discounts at rates less than a roadside hotel. Your family can vacation in a fully furnished home instead of 1 room in a hotel.

Movie Discounts and Concession Discounts:

Save up to 60% off movie theatre tickets and concessions plus an extra 10% off.


Up to 70% off on thousands of attraction discounts around the globe that are not available to the public.

Theme Parks, Shows, Entertainment and much more:

Exclusive discounts available to members ( up to 60% ).


How would you like to access the best cruise deals on the internet?

The cruise booking engine available through our partnership with provides members with up to 67% off. Our cruise discounts are based on the best available public rates.

Plus, plus, plus discounts on RV parks, Camping, Lift Tickets, City Passes. Las Vegas Shows, Groceries.

We also have set up direct links to and allowing members to see some very special travel opportunities that will greatly enhance travel experiences.

Members may also request access to the fantastic savings at World Privilege Plus (reg. 49.99gbp p.a.).

Any travel business registered with us can also get a discount with where you will improve your promotional efforts and your sales potential. See link on our front page.

A limited time special family membership offer is available. We invite you to forward this offer to any of your friends and relatives around this tiny planet for their own savings on travel and adventures for their families and friends. If you want them to save lots of dosh you may even want to consider a gift membership.

Special family membership offer from a link at

Bon Voyage with Savings….Traveller

 And to end this blog…. my wife went shopping the other day and brought home an escalator…it was marked down and I bought a wireless but it had wires inside….what a day!

Meet The World in Person with


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We are very pleased to welcome as another fantastic selection of exceptional travel experiences for our members.  As with all of our travel offers, we do not earn any fees or commissions on sales or booking and do not charge any travel business for any of our services.  This is our latest service to our members….

Based in NYC and founded in early 2015,  is a technology platform for curated travel experiences offered by nonprofits around the globe.Travelers use to add half-to multi-day immersive experiences to their itinerary, and revenues are channeled back to the local community through the host organizations is an online platform that enables travelers to find and book short, guided tours given by social impact organizations (nonprofits, social businesses, community-based associations) around the world. Travelers add unique local experiences to their existing travel itineraries; organizations raise funds and awareness for their cause. We promote these tours to travelers, students, individual donors, corporate groups, nonprofit professionals, and other individuals and groups.


To enhance the mission of great social organizations and increase public knowledge of and engagement with society’s needs by facilitating mutually beneficial, in-person encounters between people and communities around the world.


Each organization (“org”) offers a tour that is unique to its rich history, mission, expertise, and surroundings, while respecting local norms and community members’ dignity. Tours usually include one or more of the following, depending on the specific context of the organization: (1) a presentation of the org’s work, (2) interaction with the community (no interaction with children or other vulnerable population), (3) professional workshops led by community members or staff.


A humanity respectful of one another and inspired to take action to make the world a better place.

Who We are

We have worked in nonprofit organizations and top international development agencies around the world and realized that rather than sites and landscapes, the long lasting memories we take home from our work-related trips are the simple human connections we manage to develop over short periods of time when working with local community based organizations. We are building so that our friends, families, and anyone intrigued by human relationships can enjoy similar experiences when they travel around the world.

Our Vetting Criteria

We feature tours that benefit communities. Visits featured on should:

  • Run with the involvement and consent of local communities
  • Reinvest proceeds back into the community through projects or a shared profit model
  • Be short in duration (a couple of hours to a couple of days)
  • Keep visitor groups small to minimize cultural and environmental impact
  • Respect cultural traditions and social structures
  • Brief visitors before the trip on appropriate behavior
  • Abstain from burdening local populations or expecting them to perform/publicize traditions or ceremonies
  • Prevent interaction with particularly vulnerable populations, including children
  • Be environmentally sustainable
  • Be appropriate for individual and/ or small groups
  • Include meaningful and respectful interaction with members of the community if and when appropriate
  • Make visitor safety the top priority and comply with’s Safety & Security Rules

Happy Trails, Traveller.



Quality Experiences with

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We are pleased to announce another new Partnership that will greatly enhance the travel experiences of many of our members, their families and their friends.

With direct links to guides in thousands of locations where you can plan, explore, imagine and experience a true ‘travel insider’ approach to your favourite destination or activity.

This new partnership offers a superb service to our members but is also open to non-members as we are promoting this as a global service to travellers.

As with all of our direct links to thousands of travel offers…we do not earn any fees, commissions or click charges…. we want you to find the unique travel businesses that may not normally be found in a retail environment or travel mega site that abound in the crazy world of the travel web. is a welcome travel enhancement and we invite you to check them out and take a quick peek at their staff pics….exciting stuff….and in their own words……………

At GuideAdvisor we believe that the relationship between guides and travelers is as important to the travel experience as the location and activity are. By building the most comprehensive listing of tour and adventure guides on the planet, we aim to connect guides and travelers so they can create the best experiences in the world together.

Happy Trails, Traveller.

TourismTiger for Travel Operators

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Exciting news! The Top Travel Club has partnered with TourismTiger: the #1 website design company on the market for tour and activity operators. Why is this so exciting?

Well, as you know, when you are registered with The Top Travel Club, customers are redirected to your site to complete bookings — and nothing will give a worse impression of your business than a poorly designed website.That’s where TourismTiger comes in: they will design a site that will create a perfect user experience for anyone viewing your site. From the word go, your customers will know that they are in professional hands — and that they are in for a great time.

While TourismTiger is already one of the cheaper web design companies around, they are willing to offer The Top Travel Club members a truly unbeatable exclusive discount. Check it out here.

Happy Trails, Traveller

May your best day in 2015 be your worst day in 2016

6489cb4e35e6273902967d50b104e32a_sIn 2016 and beyond see some great travel selections for your family and friends. Select a Destination or Activity or use our Search feature…et voila…Go-Direct & Save!

Do you know how we operate?   When our travel-trade clients offer direct booking savings (outlet prices) to our members….they get all of our services at no cost….we do not earn any fees or commissions for advertising, marketing, promotion or even clicks to their member-only offers…100% of savings go to our members.

Over 1200 independent global travel businesses at The Club plus access to the 000’s of additional offers at World Privilege Club and Travelzcard.

Check out the demo for our latest global client –  … Just one hotel night booking can recover your membership dues.

Happy trails and travels to y’all in 2016.