Avro Lancaster Restoration

Just Jane' Will Fly Again.... With Your Help

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Support NX611’s possible Return to Flight History and Aviation enthusiasts should visit

Building on the hugely successful 2017 winter restoration period with a complete rebuild of the starboard tail fin and rudder of NX611, NDT work and inspection schemes we will be proceeding with year 2 of our 10 year restoration plan.

2018 will see us focusing on two distinct areas being the tail fin/rudder and engines subframes.

The following work is aimed to be completed this winter-

-Port Fin and Rudder disassembly and complete rebuild/restoration

-Port undercarriage support beam (these have the undercarriage and engine bearers bolted to them and in turn bolt to the front spars). Its a forged item so needs to be removed for paint strip, inspection and NDT.

– Port trailing edge access panel anchor nut strip replacement and spar web inspection.

– Hydraulic main system service and filter change

– Number 1 and 2 engine removal for subframe NDT and inspection

– Winter servicing of engines

– All 4 Propeller removal and inspection
All of this work is estimated to cost £125,000.00 over the 6 month period.


Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd (CAeS) have provided key support for Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre’s plans to put NX611 Just Jane’ back in the air.

The full programme may show the need for modification and repair. in preparation, the Centre approached CAeS for advice on how any repairs should be designed and certified. CAeS were delighted to provide this advice as a donation in kind.

The CAeS plan was forwarded to the CAA, who were very pleased with the overall Return to Flight programme.

CAeS look forward to supporting the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre when the time is right.

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