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All of the pictures are supplied by our travel trade clients at TheTopTravelClub.com and each one leads to a travel offer at the club site. To find these offers, simply use our search feature, surf around our Destinations and Activities,  or even take a stroll (or should that be scroll) through the Travel Deals pages. To get the deals you need to be a member of The Top Travel Club, World Privilege Plus, Travelzcard or Hotelsetc.

Often, when I pin a pic I start to drool and think about where I would rather be……..lately it has been….. a whisky tour in Scotland….a culinary vacation in St. Lucia or a Madrid winery experience….trying out a Segway….back to the Atacama for a dry drive…a private tour in Greece and the Meteora…or the highlights of Vietnam for 11 days…. diving the blue hole off Belize…maybe a stroll up Kilimanjaro with a safari in Africa to see the big 5 or back to Alaska and the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse…… or another stay at The Alhambra in Spain….some more New Orleans jazz and a mint julep come to mind….a bottle of chilly wine in Chile and then Patagonia for some more of the spectacular Torres del Paine region and……. remember the Baja.

I fancy a long trip in an RV/ Motor-home around the UK, parking overnight at pubs with real ale on tap and a ploughman’s…take it through the Chunnel to Europe to wonder and wander and ponder….majestic India and Kashmir conjures up thoughts of tigers and elephants and the Taj Mahal….journey to the Great Wall….maybe I could learn to tango by returning to Buenos Aires….or go back to spectacular Bolivia and drive over the Andes again….before cruising to the Galapagos….but Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines need to be revisited.

Flyfish and golf by RV in NZ or do another tandem jump at Lake Taupo and then cross the Tasman to put some more shrimp on the barbie…..maybe try paragliding in India before heading to a health resort in the mountains…..and then there’s exotic Marrakesh but when I go I must remember not to desert my dessert in the desert…..so many places to see…so little time to see them….don’t delay your dreams.

This is just a tiny selection of the wonderful travel and tourism opportunities that members can book and buy directly from the actual travel operators and experts, all at direct booking savings, net of commission or source/outlet prices.

The Hotelsetc deals are super-amazing and we welcome their members (over 4 million) to try some of our own super-amazing adventures and tours.

Unlike many online travel clubs and directories…..we do not sell travel or take reservations….we do not earn any fees or commissions from any of our travel trade clients who offer direct booking deals to members….100% of the savings go to our members….and we do not sell any advertising space on our site that might detract from our own travel trade clients.

In this blog there is a link to a very special membership discount offer….you need to click away to find it but is will save 50% on a family membership for you and your friends ….btw..you may also send this savings link to anybody, anywhere, anytime…but only if they want to save oodles of dosh on their travel dreams….or maybe even buy it as a gift to a friend or connection…. a small cost to you but offering great savings for them.

A little travel knowledge can go a long way to helping you decide Where to go, What to do, When to go, Why to go, Who to go with (see our singles travel section)  and How to save on travel, tours and adventures in over 100 countries…and counting.

Traveller is now blogging off to drool some more….

And to finish….lots of snow here this year and all my ‘she who must be obeyed’ has done is look through the window.  Finally I had to let her in.

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