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We are pleased to announce another new Partnership that will greatly enhance the travel experiences of many of our members, their families and their friends.

With direct links to guides in thousands of locations where you can plan, explore, imagine and experience a true ‘travel insider’ approach to your favourite destination or activity.

This new partnership offers a superb service to our members but is also open to non-members as we are promoting this as a global service to travellers.

As with all of our direct links to thousands of travel offers…we do not earn any fees, commissions or click charges…. we want you to find the unique travel businesses that may not normally be found in a retail environment or travel mega site that abound in the crazy world of the travel web.

GuideAdvisor.com is a welcome travel enhancement and we invite you to check them out and take a quick peek at their staff pics….exciting stuff….and in their own words……………

At GuideAdvisor we believe that the relationship between guides and travelers is as important to the travel experience as the location and activity are. By building the most comprehensive listing of tour and adventure guides on the planet, we aim to connect guides and travelers so they can create the best experiences in the world together.

Happy Trails, Traveller.

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