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October 10, 2015

Brilliant Resort & Spa, Chongqing

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Brilliant Resort & Spa, Chongqing stands behind the Jinyun Mountain Forest Park with the Jialing River flowing alongside. It is 40 kilometers from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and takes only 30-minute car ride from there. Built beside the Jialing River, with Jinyun Mountain Forest Park standing behind, the resort is located close to an ancient hot spring temple with a history of 1,600 years. This area is the birthplace of Chinese hot spring culture and is filled with a profound historical and cultural atmosphere. The poetic tranquility makes it even more beautiful.

Built opposite Jialing River’s precipitous massif, overlooking the river flowing vigorously through a gorge of beautiful vistas, the resort features a laid-back architectural model which take advantage of the shape of the mountain. There is a 22-meter wooden bridge connecting the lobby to the entrance of the resort. Walking across the bridge, you get a panoramic view of the magnificent Jialing River and Jinyun Mountain. Brilliant Resort & Spa’s green concept creates a way to reach harmony between Nature and Human beings.

From the very beginning of every Brilliant Resort & Spa’s construction process, environmental planning was acknowledged as the most important thing. During its construction, Brilliant Resort & Spa stuck to low-carbon and environmentally friendly principles, as a result of which, all the constructions are a perfect mix with Nature. Tall trees go through the roofs, the buildings and trees come together reflecting a beautiful scenic painting on each window. Everything in Brilliant Resort & Spa is based on Nature and Nature embodies the resort’s exquisiteness.

Brilliant Resort & Spa, Chongqing serves as a good example of how to preserve old buildings with profound historical and cultural value. A great number of these buildings including Shu Fan Lou, Qing Room, Bamboo house, Brilliant Lou and Farm were constructed during the period of the Republic of China. Taking care not to change their original appearance, Brilliant Resort & Spa, Chongqing has successfully renovated these buildings and endowed them with new tasks to inherit traditional local culture.

Shu Fan Lou was built in 1930, featuring stone walls, wooden stairs and a tile roof. Adjascent to Jinyun Mountain with Jialing River flowing in front, visitors are able to overlook the colorful sails of the boats on the river. Which is how this building got its name. Many leaders of the Communist Party of China such as Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Dong Biwu, Liu Bocheng and important members of the Kuomintang government once stayed here. Huang Yanpei, a Chinese educator, industrialist, politician, and one of the founding pioneers of the China Democratic League, once wrote a poem that expressed the leisure and carefree feelings when he was here. Plenty of high quality wines and cigars are stored in Shu Fan Lou, which is the wine cellar of the resort and also the site of the Shitou Bar.

As a part of the presidential villa in the resort, the Qing Room once served as the exclusive place where Soong May-ling, the wife of Chiang Kai-shek, spent her summertime. The quiet and secluded Qing Room is surrounded by the mountain on three sides with one side facing the river. The shape of the cliff where the Qing Room located is like the shape of qing, a traditional Chinese musical instrument, and when the waves of the river roll in, its sound is also like the qing, which is why people now call it the Qing Room. The revamped Qing Room features 3 separate rooms which are all fully equipped. It is definitely a wonderful and unique experience to try the outdoor hot spring built on the cliff.

Built in the same period as the Qing Room, the Qing Garden tells a story with a theme of changes. The pits in the cobblestone road and the moss growing on the edge of the pool show how the seasons are changing. The spring water falling from the cliff is like a water curtain hanging in the air. With twisted roots and gnarled branches, the tall Ficus beipeiensis are rare plants, with strong roots fastened firmly to the rock of Jinyun Mountain. You will find the amazing power of Nature and Time in Qing Garden.

Walking on the cobblestone path, through the narrow space of the passageway, you will find yourself being in a unique spot at Brilliant Resort & Spa, Chongqing – the Natural Limestone Cave. It is considered to be the energy source of Jinyun Mountain. After tens of thousands of years’ nourishment from the hot spring waters, the cave was formed. Stalagmites and stalactites stand with water dripping off. The shapes of the limestone are quite strange and inspires the imagination. The entrance of the cave is so narrow that only one visitor can enter at a time. The scene inside is definitely breathtaking.

The Bamboo house, with bamboo walls, bamboo doors and bamboo pillars, was built in 1936. It was surrounded by green pines and the fresh breeze blowing in front brings the fragrance of bamboo. In the front court there grows green grass and colorful flowers. It is the place where Guo Moruo, a famous Chinese author and poet, finished his works such as Tang Li Zhi Hua and Qu Yuan. Owing to its peaceful and simple environment, Bamboo house is now used by the resort as a meditation spot.

There are 36 boutique villas in Brilliant Resort & Spa, Chongqing including six Spa Villas which have separate treatment rooms, and 25 River View Suites where guests can soak in the panoramic views of the splendid scenery of the Jialing River. The size of the suites vary, measuring from 150 sq m to 280 sq m, and the smallest guest room covers 70 sq m, each one equipped with a private hot spring pool. Guests can wash off their weariness and spend leisure time in Nature.

Every single room features exquisite wooden furniture, light brown linen textile decoration, soft lighting and the fragrance of freshness creating a warm and cozy ambience for guests who choose to stay here. Customized blue and white porcelain from Jingdezhen with ebony covers, imitation version of rhino horn containers and trays, various kinds of glass objects add a traditional taste to the whole atmosphere. Also, high tech equipment, remote control iPod, adjustable flat screen TV and curtains, NESPRESSO coffee machine and Pu’er tea tools can also be found in each room. Private hot spring pools are usually set outdoors, either in the garden or the balcony of the rooms. The resort provides 24-hour personal butler service that will perfectly meet your needs.

The hot spring area at the resort comprises 26 hot spring pools. The rich radon in the water makes the hot springs here beneficial to the cardiovascular system, and also has excellent effects on treating heart disease and hypertension. The spa area contains 11 luxury treatment rooms and 4 couple’s rooms. The natural essential oils of Aromatherapy Associates, the famous British spa product brand, are widely used in coordination with different spa treatments developed by Brilliant SPA Academy and TCM experts, providing to guests a most comfortable and relaxing experience. Facing the river, the fitness center of the resort is equipped with Technogym products which enables guests to try out the latest exercises. There are also one-on-one Yoga and Taichi classes available.

In the simple but elegant tea bar of the resort, 14 types of Pu’er tea are on display. They are packed in 200 different ways and are all produced from the Brilliant Pu’er Tea Fazenda on Jinmai Mountain. Visitors can taste authentic Pu’er teas which are as precious as gold. The Moon White Pu’er is rich in amino acid and good for health. Meanwhile, there are wonderful shows performed by boys and girls from the Brilliant art ensemble. Located on the second floor, the Meditation chamber is a good place to conduct meditation, yoga and Taichi classes.

With a professional and gifted team and high-level services, Brilliant Resort & Spa, Chongqing is able to provide guests with exquisite gourmet food and “Michelin Guide” Star-rating standard cuisine. Hailing from Beijing, Chef Victor Zhou has 10 years’ experience in cooking; he is particularly good at authentic Chinese cuisines and ingredient coordination. Being passionate about local cuisines, he is able to create Chinese and Japanese dishes with rich flavors presented in a Western style. In addition, fine wines from all over the world, freshly baked bread, tasty coffee, fresh juices and high quality Brilliant Pu’er tea are also available to complete your dining experience.

The resort features diverse dining areas including Jia Ling Xuan (Chinese restaurant), a Western restaurant and Teppanyaki (Japanese restaurant). Each restaurant has its special functions and atmosphere. There are another 4 VIP rooms on the second floor which can seat up to 16 guests, 10 guests and 8 guests respectively.

The meeting and conference facilities, totaling 180 sq m in space, and three multi-function rooms were created to meet the needs of a wide variety of events. At Brilliant Resort & Spa, Chongqing, with our legendary hospitality coupled with state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions, we will ensure the success of your next conference, trade show or business function.

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