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October 20, 2015

Bucharest Architectural tour

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Bucharest Architectural Tour

When the shepherd Bucur grounded Bucharest in 1459 he never dared to think what will become this blessing city today. Bucur means joy; the Romanians and other people living here enjoy every minute of their frenetic and tumultuos life. That’s why Bucharest has an intensive night life indeed!


       Calea Victoriei and the Continental Hotel  (Rococo Style)




panoramic-tour-of-bucharest.PARLIAMENT_BUILDINGCasa poporului, or Parliament house, has an uncertain style, but is the second wide building in the all world, right behind the Pentagon


Trying to compare Bucharest with other major capitals, like Rome, the first thing coming in my mind is the eclectic architecture of the city. A perfect mix, I would say: you can find Bauhaus, Art deco, Rococo, Byzantine style by the churches, contemporary style and even avantgarde. Did you know or imagined once that Bucharest, a rather small European capital, holds the second wide building worldwide? Yes, Sir, behind the Pentagon, Casa Poporului lies in Bucharest and is of the last foundation of Nicolae Ceausescu, the former Romanian dictator, condemned and killed on the Romanian Revolution from 1989. Very interesting for this unique building, it is still not ready due to budgeting problems. It holds the Romanian Parliament, but it could also host a UN or NATO office.


The CEC building is one of the must see in Bucharest


Bucharest saw so many revolutions, earthquake, devastating fires, mortal diseases and recovered after all of them. I would compare Bucharest to Phoenix Bird, indeed. Since its nomination as Romanian Capital in 1859 Bucharest continuously flourishes. 1918 and the today Big Romania brought another period of prosperity, shortly interrupted by the WWII. But aftermath the Communists tried again to make Bucharest a mirror for the entire country (actually Bucharest nowadays is much more than a mirror to Romania: with only 10 % of the population it realizes more 30 % of GBP and is a global European hub.


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