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September 9, 2015

Chiapas Birding Adventures – Birdwatching and Ancient Cultures Tour

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b5cb70f2e6b295dc0f7a8de022dad3c2_LEnjoy our 9-day guided tour in the State of Chiapas, Mexico. Walk and study the ancient archaeological sites of Yaxchilán, Bonampak, Palenque, and more, with local Maya descendants where you can identify and view the tropical birds of the Lacandón jungle (scarlet macaw, red-capped manakin, ornate hawk eagle and many more). Visit and eat with the local Maya in their homes. Travel by boat into a protected reserve along a narrow slow moving river where over 100 different species of birds have been counted in 3 ½ hours. While you are watching the birds, there will be crocodiles and howler monkeys patrolling the shore. You will also reach heights of 7,300 feet in elevation to visit the famous colonial city of San Cristóbal de las Casas, surrounded by 6 indigenous villages of Maya descendants who migrated to these highlands centuries ago. All inclusive rate of $245 US daily. Member ATTA


“I spent an absolutely wonderful week in and around San Cristóbal, Chiapas, Mexico. Not only was I overwhelmed with the beauty of the countryside, quaintness of the city and people, but never once did I feel uneasy or insecure. “
– Jim McLean — Bandera, TX

“Birders, nature lovers, non-birders, and archaeology fans alike — this is a tour for you. Can’t be beat as a great six day adventure.”
– Barbara Erickson — Laredo, TX

“The lads were wonderful, the scenery splendid, the birds thrilling, the archaeological sites stunning. I especially loved birding from the boat on the Rio Tzendales.”
– Laurel Patrick — Hood River, Oregon

“There was unending beauty everywhere — all of the sites were amazing.  We loved the  sense of remoteness, the stillness, the ceibas, etc…”
– Ian Niven and Barbara Soulsby — British Columbia, Canada

“This has been the adventure of a lifetime — an experience that will resonate for a long time. It has begun an appreciation of the beauty and diversity of the avian world for me. Thanks for opening my eyes. The days at Yaxchilán when we watched the white hawk perched in front of us for 45 minutes, eating a snake, was epic.”
– Karen Ellen Williams Locke — Santa Monica, California

“We continue to talk about the many wonderful experiences we had while together in Chiapas. I suspect we will be singing your praises for a long time.”
– John and Michele Gillett — Tower Lakes, Illinois

“Every corner of Chiapas seems to offer great birding, historical, and/or cultural experiences. The local guides with Chiapas Birding Adventures have extensive knowledge of the area, and their expertise and enthusiasm add a great deal to the daily adventures. I would love to go back to find the few birds we missed during our first trip.”
– Paul Koehler (Director of the Silver Bluff Audubon Center and Sanctuary) — Jackson, S.C.

“I had the privilege to travel with Brock Huffman and his guides of Chiapas Birding Adventures. The natural beauty, the birds, the indigenous culture, and the local people made this trip a life-enriching experience in a myriad of ways that will be hard to beat.”
– Betty Peterson (American Birding  Association — Birders Exchange)

“Brock, you have a lot to be proud of. The guides that you’re developing are fantastic folks, and their skills are coming along very well. I can’t wait to join up with them again.”
– Laurie Foss (birding guide with Travis Audubon)

“It was a great experience to go out with local guides, to see them get some benefit from foreign birders, and to share the joy of seeing such brilliant birds as macaws, manakins, and toucans.”
– Madeleine Murray (journalist for publications such as GQ, Vogue, and the Sydney Morning Herald)

“I’m not even a birder, but found seeing the exotic denizens of Chiapas a thrill. And see them I did, thanks to guides who’ve lived here all their lives and recently received training in guiding and English bird names. Even if you aren’t into birds, this place, the habitat for 50% of the birds in Mexico, may convert you.”
– Melissa Gaskill (travel writer) — Austin, TX

“Our church group was in Tuxtla Gutierrez for 8 days, helping a local orphanage improve its building, and we also went shopping at the open market in San Cristóbal, and we never once felt unsafe. I feel it is a safe region of Mexico, certainly as safe as Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I come from.”
– Scott MacKenzie (Pastor of Youth and Children’s Ministries) — Halifax, Nova Scotia

“I would highly recommend a trip to Chiapas! I found it charming, fascinating, and engaging —  a place that will stay in your travel memories.”
– Linda Niemiec — Rockford, Illinois

“Birding with Brock, Alberto, Daniel, and some of the other newly-trained  guides was a real pleasure.  As we walked around the plaza at Yaxchilán,  I was struck by the fact that we were birding with guides whose ancestors may have been inhabitants of this archaeological site over a thousand years ago.  Just amazing! “
-Bob Warneke (Board of Directors,  American Birding  Association) –Austin, Texas

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