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May 13, 2019

Columbus Places “After the steps of Columbus”

Written By Andalucía Experiencias

Full day excursion in which we will travel  we will travel to the vicinity of Huelva to know the last steps of Columbus before setting off for the first time in search of the new route of the Indies, which came across with the new continent, changing completely the form of life of the Old Europe.

During the tour we will visit the dock of the caravels which has the replicas of the 3 ships that departed on the first voyage of Columbus. In addition to the replicas of the boats, its main tourist attraction, the museum pier of the Caravels has a center of interpretation, the medieval quarter (recreated around the dock) and the island of the encounter, in which it has been tried recreating the indigenous culture of the island of Guanahani, the first island in which Christopher Columbus landed on October 12, 1492, which he named as San Salvador.

Later we will move to the monastery of Santa María de la Rábida, where Christopher Columbus stayed, before leaving for the new world from Andalusia, when he was still preparing his project, and where  is Martín Alonso Pinzon buried, after passing away a few days after the return of the first Columbian voyage.

Finally, we will go to the town of Moguer where we will visit the monastery of Santa Clara. It is the most outstanding Columbus monument of Moguer. His abbess Inés Enríquez, aunt of the King Ferdinando the Catholic, supported the  discoverer’s voyage in the court. On return of the discovery journey, Christopher Columbus along with the rest of the inhabitants of Moguer, spent the first night in the church fulfilling the vow made on the high seas when a storm was about to sink la Niña(one of the 3 ships).

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