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September 21, 2015

Emberá Indian Village tour

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Spend a day or an overnight with the Emberá Indians who still live in traditional villages in the rain forest of Panamá. 

Journey on a dugout canoe up a pristine river deep in the rainforest of the Chagres National Park.  You will feel like you are in a National Geographic film.  Step back in time to experience the warm and open hearts of the Emberá people, who have the quality of life the rest of the world is searching for.

We come to pick you up at your Panama city hotel around 8:00 am and we drive for about an hour or so to the boat ramp where the Embera’ meet us with their dugout canoe.  Then we head upriver for about 45 minutes or so (depending on the level of the river).  Along the way we often stop by a beautiful waterfall where you can take a refreshing dip in the cool water.  Upon arrival in the village we receive a traditional greeting of music and all the villagers welcoming you to their community.  After about 10 minutes to wander around and explore the village on your own, we are given a short presentation about the Embera’ culture and traditions and their crafts.  After the presentation we are served a delicious lunch of either fish or chicken and patacones (fried plantains).  After lunch we can take an optional short (20 minute) hike in the jungle with one of the village elders to learn about medicinal plants.  Then we are given more free time to wander around, purchase any of their exquisite crafts or receive a temporary tattoo or have a conversation with the Embera’ people.    Then we are given an opportunity to watch some of their traditional shamanic and celebrational dances and music. (This is where the day tour ends and we head back down the river to arrive in the city between 4:00-5:00 pm.)

After all the formal presentations, you are given free time to relax, sit in a hammock, swim in the river, observe village life, play with the kids, have a conversation with the villagers, etc .  You will be served a yummy dinner and soon after we settle in for the night and you fall asleep listening to the gentle and soothing sounds of the village settling in for the night and the jungle noises.  The village wakes up at sunrise, it is not required that you do so, but you can observe the morning routine from the comfort of your bed in your own hut.  We usually get up and take our morning bath in the refreshing river and then are served a delicious breakfast of fry bread and eggs, with local tea or coffee.  After a leisurely morning we usually head back to arrive in the city in the early afternoon, filled with warm memories and many new friendships among the Emberá people.

Immerse yourselves in the culture of the Emberá tribe on this tour.  Most people who come on a day tour wish they had chosen the overnight experience.  After the overnight tour, you may never want to leave after the Emberá people have touched your heart.

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Day Tour Prices:

1 adult            $250.00
2 adults          $175.00/ea.
3 adults          $140.00/ea.
4 adults          $130.00/ea.
5+adults         $120.00/ea.

Kids 5-12         half price
Kids under 5     free

Overnight Tour Prices:

1 adult          $250.00
2-10 adults    $200.00/ea.
11-20 adults  $175.00/ea.

Children 5-12         half price
Children under 5     free

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