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May 11, 2018


Written By Colin Chigali

This tour is precisely for wild life fanatics as it takes you into the abyss of this thicket where nature is unalloyed. This is a serious and inductive wilderness experience.

Hwange National Park, the largest park in Zimbabwe named after an ancient Nhanzwa chief has overwhelming habitants of over 100 mammal species and over 400 recorded bird species. Because of its vasity , it is subdivided int three distinctive camps Main Camp, Robins and Sinamatella each with its own narrative telling.


Clients will be accommodated at Hwange Main Camp which is the main entry point of the Hwange National Park. Accommodation is between a choice of lodging Tonga style Chalets with self catering facilities and camping. Main Camp Area has many man-made drinking holes necessitating clients to view game as they head for their evening drink. Also available is a national nature museum where they are trophied animals representative of all the animals and birds present in the park. This offers clients an opportunity to be indulged about all the game before meeting them in their natural habitation.

Day 2. Main CAMP

Clients will embark on full day game drive as early as 0600hrs after breakfast for the real nature encounter. The full day meandering safari into the park stand unsurpassed as clients will see animals and birds in their diversity. The park has different vegetation and each areas is associated with certain class or type of animals and birds that feed on the vegetation rife in that vicinity.

  • Ngweshla Plan: After a short morning drive a detour will be made on this plan for a midmorning tea break. The loop road is pleasant for day drive and many small animals are abundant here so are all type of birds. This stopover is a preamble to the main Game encounter.
  • Nyamandlovu Platform- After the short midmorning break the main attraction assumes. Here clients will sport with certainty many heard of variegated animals, All the Big Five, All birds pleasing to the eyes and even the landscape speaks of all beauty. Here you see the law of the jungle at play where survival is for the fittest. After an mesmerizing 5 hr safari drive and stop overs for refreshments , clients will be taken finally to Nyamandlovu Platform where they will have their packed lunch on a platform built above water hole. Here clients will unwind, enjoy their lunch while watching midday game coming for drinking.
  • Dom water Hole- The late day safari drive towards the Dom water hole is unique for spotting the nocturnal ( Lions, Leopards ,hyenas, jackals and wild dog) as they do their hunting. The Don water hole will accord the clients the privilege of seeing the beautiful African sunset as it transforms the landscape into a beautiful kaleidoscopic spectacle.

This point sums up the day activity as clients heard back to Main Camp for a restful day full of memories. The journey back is characterized by lazy herd of elephants and buffalos as they migrate to their territory to retire.


This grassy plan overlooks a riverbed. The camp got its name from a local shrub that sticks on a clothes that is in abundance here. As an Intensive protected zone vehicles are not allowed to travel after 14hrs hence this drive will start in the early hours of the morning. Apon arrival at Sinamatella, the accommodation choices areas at main Camp. ( Chalets/camping) Here clients will have to visit the :

-Mandavu Dam( 27 km from Sinamatella) which provides a good and scintillate viewing hide for watching animals as they come for drinking

– Masuma Dam (15Km from Sinamatella) this is also a game viewing hide.

– Detema Dam- Exceptional Elephant haven


This is a final Hwange National Park destination before embarking to the Victoria Falls . This camp is characterized by big toms and little toms- these are viewing hides. Clients will get escorted walks , Wilderness trails walks. Clients will have high privilege of indulging nature on foot and do all the photographing they so desire.

The accommodation is also on chalets or camping.

Day 5.

An early morning drive after breakfast to see the Mighty Victoria Falls is a much more anticipated moment. After a conclusive know of the game , the time is opportune for this natural phenomenon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders in The World. This activity is better appreciated when viewed form both countries (Zimbabwe and Zambia) The Falls is a share attraction between the two country, each having its own share of the view. Some aspects of the Falls have a better view position from Zimbabwe ( The Main Falls) while the rest and the entire length and many minor falls are in Zambia.

Clients will have their final rest at……………………. Before their final journey home marking the end of the entire discovery.

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Colin Chigali

I am an experienced hotelier and tour guide with over 15 year of Game experience. I have done numerous multiday tours in several National Parks in Southern Africa. I have well travelled and able to articulate exciting itineraries for clients

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