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October 17, 2015

Experience Europe’s largest Wetland

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Through our Danube Delta Experience tour, we offer you the amazing experience of spending 8 days on a floating hotel while enjoying the wonderful natural surroundings and sailing on inside the Danube Delta, as follows:


Our tour begins in Iasi or Bucharest – depending on where you reach Romania (we do cover other cities, just ask), it includes the airport transfer, and the drive to Tulcea City. We stop along the way to have a snack and a drink. While in Tulcea we will visit the aquarium, it is amazing and end the day at a four stars hotel, on the bank of the Danube River.



Getting on board the ship, having the welcome cocktail, checking in at your room. Then you will be informed on how you will spend the next following days and where will the boat go. Following that, you will have lunch, leaving on St George channel and entering the Litcov channel, visiting Isac, Gorgova and Gorgovat lakes – pictured below – and then there comes the evening program and dinner.




After having a healthy breakfast, we will continue the tour with visiting the Isac and Uzlina lakes where you can see and take photos of the great variety of birds. We will then have lunch. Following this, you can visit Uzlina town, the traditional fishing spots, you can drive motorboats* on the smaller lakes there. When you get back to the hotel, in the evening, we have prepared for you a dancing contest with prizes. After this comes the dinner.



After serving the breakfast we continue on St George Channel, and stop at the Perivolovca channel, in order to visit the lake and the channel with the same name, the Taranova Lake and the Gorgosel Lake after which we will have lunch. Then we will go to the wildest parts of the Danube Delta, observe the pelican colonies. After this comes the dinner and evening program.



Having breakfast, then continue the tour until we reach St George Town, which we will visit – see amazing architectural jewels, centuries old. After this, we go on a motorboat to visit Danube’s most famous island – the Sahalin Island and the Old Lighthouse. Returning from this, we go to the Hotel in order to have dinner.



Breakfast, then continue the tour on Tataru River, while visiting the Rosu and Rosulet lakes, which hold amazing scenery. While going across Puiu Lake, we serve breakfast. Going out of Caraorman River, and visiting the Caraorman grind, after which we reach Crisan Town, on the Sulina channel we will head towards the Sulina town to visit many touristic attractions that are here. After this, we will have dinner and free program at the hotel.



We will have breakfast, travel on the Sulina channel and entering the “Old Danube” – Magearu channel, where we will get off the ship and go on motorboats to see the Letea forest and the sand dunes. After this, we will have a picnic lunch; following this, we will go to the Bogdaproste and Trei Iezere Lakes. We will return to the “Old Danube”, visit Mile 23 town and dine at the hotel.



We will have breakfast, visit the Mila 23 town, which has preserved its archaic beauty offering today the same image of old fishing villages and way of life. We will have a traditional lunch, served at the Furtuna Lake then go with motor boats to visit Rotund, Baclanestii Mari and Ligheanca Lakes.

Following this, we will have dinner, a camp fire and a farewell party, followed by hotel accommodation


We will serve breakfast, go on Sontea channel and visit Nebunu Lake, which is a protected natural reservation and then return to Tulcea city, and then to the airport for your flight departure.

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City: Tuclea
Address: 2, Pacurari Blvd
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