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February 21, 2020

Gulet Cruise Holidays in Montenegro

Written By Alexandra Iordan

Learn about Gulet cruise Holidays

Spending your holiday with your family, on a cruise, having a great deal of fun, is one of the very best ways to do it. It is a fantastic way to catch fun, and there are so many factors to be considered when doing this. Considering these factors can be as easy as cheese, especially when you hand over the project to a holiday cruise company. These companies do all the thinking (tailored to your specifications) and make your holiday as fun as it can be. One such company is DM Yachting, with the premium offering of the Gulet cruise Holiday. In this page, you will be learning more about the Gulet Cruise Holiday. 

Why you need to go on a holiday cruise

It is almost certain that you have had friends who had gone on cruises for a holiday and came back home, railing about how fun the holiday was. We can assure you of more if you come along on the Gulet vacation cruise. We can make your days pass in total bliss and happiness as you sail with us. 

Don’t be surprised; there are many reasons why people have come back from cruising on the sea, and can’t seem to get over it – not quickly, at least. Here is a list of some reasons why you need to try out the sea cruise holiday, especially the Gulet holidays euphoria we offer, 

  • Value for money: This is one thing you can be assured of, paying for a cruise gives you value for your money. This payment includes virtually everything you will need to have a blast of a trip. Feeding, entertainment, accommodation, transportation between destinations, etc. funny thing about cruises is that they are very affordable. With the Gulet cruise, you can pay as low as $800 per person.
  • Cruises are the best for your family: Whatever age range members of your family fall in, cruises are just the all-inclusive kind of treat. Everyone feels among, it’s meant for just everyone. You can go ahead with a private yacht rental, a service that comes with ease and affordability with Gm yachting, especially if you stay in Montenegro. The feeling on the cruise ship is different, surreal, one of a kind. There is hardly any age group that wouldn’t jump right into the gaming, swimming amongst other activities going on there. 
  • Planning requires no hassle for you: This is beyond real. There is no much hassle for planning. Every segment of the trip comes in one package, which will be handled by the single company you hand it over to. You must, however, note that the quality of the company you assign your cruise to will determine what you enjoy in the whole process. It’s best to get the best, which would only require you following through with all the laid out plans that have been custom made for you and family. 

Everything you need to know about the Gulet Holiday cruise. 

There are so many things you should know about the gulet cruises. Once found out, we can bet that you wouldn’t want to wait to get on the next available cruise ship. 

What makes Gulet holiday cruise special?

There are so many things that make it special to be on a gulet tour. One of the very first things we love you to know is that you get to visit different locations. On a Gulet vacation, you can wake up each day to find yourself at a different site. With the Gulet tour, you get to see virtually everywhere there is to see in Montenegro. From one location to the other. Isn’t that just great? This way, you get to make the most of your holiday. Hence, if you are one of those that are not in for the adventure and travel, for a holiday, Gulet tours aren’t for you. 

Another thing awesome about these tours is that the sea is right next to your room. Just about any time you wish, you can get in a swimming trunk and jump right into the ocean. This is sure to be a fantastic experience. It is the ideal way to refresh yourself and catch some fun. 

One thing to note; the gulet tours, either they are on shared gulet cruises or private yacht rentals; no sight can beat the experience of getting to reach places only a ship can reach. That’s the main goal, to tailor a unique vacation that you will cherish for a lifetime, and that is what we are set to offer. 

There are some downsides you should also know about. 

On the overall, the Gulet tours are one like no other. With the excellent experience, you are bound to get from the full-scale hosting service from chefs, waitresses, and the captain, coupled with the custom-made activities for your and family; the downsides can be overlooked. 

Here are some downsides you should know about;

  • It is affordable but not ridiculously cheap: Compared to the holidays you might enjoy on land, gulet tours are not cheap. If you are in for luxury, the price could go as high as two thousand pounds per person in a week. 
  • You don’t get enough space as a hotel room: The cruises are not small, but they can’t be as big as space you will get in a hotel, at the same price. The cabins are generally meant for sleep. The bathroom is intended for a quick shower and some other basic needs. It’s a pre-defined measure to cause visitors to spend more time on the deck. That’s where the fun is. If you are one who likes to stay indoors and you so much enjoy the essence of holidaying in a room, get a hotel booked. 
  • You need to be sociable: Except you are going on a private yacht (which defeats the essence of a cruise), you need to be social. Going with the shared Gulet cruises, you must learn how to meet people. You never can tell who will be riding with you. If you are one that is weary of any nationality, then it is safer not to get on this cruise.

Final take

There are no two ways to it; holidays are best on a Gulet cruise. No better holiday combines sight, activities, and comfort. None. Though it requires some planning, which will be made more comfortable with the right holiday partner company like GM yachting, it is the best holiday tour out there.  

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About Author

Alexandra Iordan

Alexandra Iordan

Dm Yachting is a company specialised in cruises around the spectacular coastline of Montenegro. We operate with traditional standards and values, including a high level of personalised customer service and exceptional operational service on the ground. Our cruises offer weekly guaranteed departures from May to October from Kotor and Tivat. We choose to operate cruises on gulets only, offering a classy sailing experience, comfort, and high-level service. Our cruises offer an exceptional and unique experience to explore the stunning and picturesque coast of Montenegro, an undiscovered destination, rich in history and unspoiled nature. Our gulet cruises differ in escorted gulet cruises and tailor-made cruise. For those who want an organized holiday, we offer Pearl of the Adriatic cruise, Bike and Boat cruise, Wine and Culinary cruise, Classy sailing experience, depending on your style. For all those who love a tailor-made holiday, we offer a private charter experience, with exclusive service, itinerary and dining experience. Our management team, with a long experience in yacht charter and hospitality industry, together with our crew, work hard to match clients expectations. Contact us to start planning an unforgettable and authentic experience in Montenegro!

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