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Additional Benefits…….

  • GREATEST choices, selections and savings on the web.
  • NO COMMISSIONS – We do not earn fees or charge commissions to our travel trade clients – 100% of savings are for members.
  • PRICING – We advise our TRAVEL TRADE clients that Top Travel Offers must offer a unique saving for their travel services or Outlet or Net Prices. Apart from ‘Outlet Prices’ – the same savings MUST NOT be available without the use of a Top Travel Offer vouchers. If MEMBERS find that this is not the case, we will seek redress from the Operator on behalf of our MEMBERS!
  • Members are given direct access to local travel businesses, tour operators, expert wholesalers or retailers who are prepared to give outlet prices or direct booking discounts or special ‘member-only’ offers.
  • You will not only save money when you Go-Direct. You will have the opportunity to deal with the actual operator or provider. Local operators may also recommend other local businesses that may not have the resources to market and promote their offers to a global audience of travellers – small businesses in local economies will benefit from your direct bookings.
  • You will also get access to global tour operators and wholesalers who want to deal directly with consumers.
  • Your Club creates direct links for members to research, plan and book directly with travel and tour businesses based on your destination country or experts somewhere on the planet that have exceptional knowledge, experience and expertise of Destinations and Travel Activities.
  • Membership valid for 12 months… and yes… you can use it for your friends…but please don’t tell everybody!

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AT NO COST to any travel and tour business, our Travel Operator Promotions system (TOPs) will promote your services to the members of, and Travelzcard. Simply offer direct booking discounts, outlet prices or unique member-only deals and you can create your own TopTravelVouchers, Promo Codes or Custom Pages with text and pictures and be listed and linked by Destination and Travel Activity. Click here for full information about your FREE account registration and NO COST promotion and sales.