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February 25, 2016

How To Care For Orangutans

Written By Leonardo Gubinelli



Learn how to care for orangutans at this unqiue rehabilitation centre in Java. Experience unique Indonesia by volunteering at the Wildlife Rescue Centre, in Jogya. The Centre is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating orangutans rescued from the illegal pet trade. This is not a zoo, so there are no tourists – only workers, volunteers and people who come as a group to use the Centre’s conference facilities or outward bound areas. 

As a wildlife lover you will find immense satisfaction helping orphaned and injured animals regain their health, before they are re-released into their natural habitats. The Centre specialises in giving animals poached from the Borneo rainforests a second chance at a free life. Currently they have five orangutans, all orphans, who have been rescued from further mistreatment at the hands of humans. Three of these poor creatures have no chance of complete rehabilitation, so now call the Centre their home. However, the two younger orangutans will soon be returning to another rehabilitation centre on their home island of Borneo, with the hope being that they will soon be able to be released into the wild. 

As well as orangutans, the Wildlife Rescue Centre is also famous for rehabilitating and reintroducing injured eagles into the wild, including the highly endangered Javan hawk-eagle. They have also helped gibbons, crocodiles and many other species of birds. 

The Centre currently has 31 members of staff, with 25 of them coming from the local villages. This benefits the local villagers through gainful employment, as well as spreading environmental awareness and animal welfare. 

As a volunteer you will be getting directly involved with helping maintain the habitats of the Centre, while also helping the villagers learn English through conservation. This will involve helping conduct a weekly English session for the Centre’s staff, followed by a three hour conservation English session at the local primary school. Once a week you can also visit one of the Centre’s workers homes for dinner. These sessions are designed to help improve the local peoples English and environmental awareness, in a fun and informal way. 

This programme is perfect for any animal lover who wants to help teach and get to know local villagers in the rainforest.  In your free time there are plenty of amazing things to see, including the Borobudur Temple (The world’s largest Buddhist temple) and some beautiful beaches where sea turtles nest 

The itinerary is for a one weeks trip, but you can book to stay for up to 4 weeks. 

1 week (7 days, 6 nights) ~ £749

2 weeks (14 days, 13 nights) ~ £999

3 weeks (21 days, 20 nights) ~ £1249

4 weeks (27 days, 26 nights) ~ £1499


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