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March 9, 2016

How to Encounter A Dragon

Written By Leonardo Gubinelli


Be ready to embark of an adventure of a lifetime; discovering a part of Indonesia with magical sights, enchanting creatures and Komodo Island, the land of the Komodo Dragon. Catherine Capon, eco adventurer,  has seen the Komodo dragon itself and says ‘The deadly, man-eating dragons are not to be missed. At 10 feet long, these giant reptiles, with their loose leathery skin and mouths dripping with to, bacteria-filled saliva, are an intimidating sight’. It truly is a wonder for the bucket list! Experience the Flying Fox island to view literally thousands of fruit bats on their daily exodus from the caves and mangroves for an ariel display that is up there with the best arial displays you could hope to see.

How to Encounter a Dragon is a trip Inspired by naturalist Catherine Capon

“As cold-blooded creatures, the Komodo dragons are more active at certain times of the day.  A good time to visit Rinca or Komodo  is first thing in the morning when the dragons are warming their scales in the early sun.  They’ll be out in the open at this time and  fairly still for photographs.  A sighting of a dragon isn’t guaranteed as these animals are completely wild.  However, if you’re lucky,  an encounter with the largest living lizard on earth will certainly get your heart racing.  At 10 feet long, these giant reptiles, with  their loose leathery skin and mouths dripping with toxic, bacteria-filled salvia, are an intimidating sight.  Even the guides are  cautious leading you around the forest as one was recently killed from a deadly bite.  As cannibals, it seems there is no large prey  item that is off limits to the dragons and some ecotourists are lucky enough (or unlucky enough depending on your point of view) to  see them feed.  Their method of hunting is incredibly cruel.  They’ll bite a deer or water buffalo (often on the hind legs) then run  away.  From then, that deadly saliva will infect the prey and make them weak.  The dragon will follow the unfortunate animal until  it’s too sick to fight back and then feast on its flesh – often whilst it’s still alive! ” Catherine Capon.


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