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April 19, 2019

Kilimanjaro Climbing

Written By Simon Njau

What is so special about Mount Kilimanjaro?
To answer these questions we have to take a look at caused Kilimanjaro to become a mountain in the first place.

Kilimanjaro is different than most other mountains on Earth. It was created by three ancient volcanoes. Two of these volcanos are now dormant—they could still erupt—and one is extinct. These three volcanoes form what is now Kilimanjaro the highest free standing mountain in Africa. It stands at 19,341 ft.

Kilimanjaro was first discovered by the Europeans in the 1840’s because everyone knows that it doesn’t exist until someone “discovers” it. Many attempts were made to reach its summit, Uhuru Peak. This feat wasn’t completed until a German geologist, Hans Meyer, accomplished it in 1889. Only the most serious of climbers and scientists even attempted to summit this majestic peak whose glaciers and foul weather thwarted even the most intrepid of adventurers.

Over the next hundred years, the weather on Kilimanjaro changed and the approximately 1,400-year-old ice-field retreated significantly. In fact, the ice has been disappearing so quickly that scientists believe it could be gone entirely by 2060 or sooner. The effects of this climate change have yet to be felt. There is one major thing that the ice-melt has already made possible, tourism. Every year, an estimated 35,000 people from all over the globe visit Tanzania in an attempt to climb Kilimanjaro. And thousands of those people go home without reaching the summit. They either suffer from altitude sickness, get hypothermia, simply lack the willpower, or worse, die.

So why do they do it? More importantly, should you attempt it? Everyone’s reason is different,

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