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October 12, 2020

Making Amazonian and Peruvian Gastronomy (Workshop in the Peruvian Amazon)

Written By Christian Navarro

Amazonian and Traditional Peruvian Gastronomy (Workshop, 1 day)

Price: US $99.00 dollars (adults, 16-75 years old)

25% discount for children and youth up to 15 years old.

In this experiential workshop the participant has the opportunity to learn to cook 2 entrees, 2 main dishes, a dessert and a soft drink.

Workshop hours

– Visit to a local farm or plantation in search of fruits and vegetables (8:00h)

– Visit to market or mini-market in search of ingredients (10:30h)

– We start cooking (11:30h)

– Banquet lunch (14:00h)

– End of workshop (15:00h)


Development of the program

The experiential workshop begins by visiting the farm or plantation of a local family in search of fresh products for our cooking day. We will explain about the fruits that we will obtain from mother earth.

Then we will go to a market or mini-market in search of other ingredients that we will need to cook.

Then we will go to cook (hands on) where we will explain and teach our participants the secrets of our Amazonian food.

Finally, we will have lunch together with the final product (banquet).


Peruvian gastronomy is characterized by having a special flavor and an infinite variety that can be enjoyed in every corner of the country, a product of the influence of various cultures, as well as the use of inputs from the area. Such is the case of Amazonian cuisine, considered one of the most exquisite in the world due to the indisputable use of its ingredients, flavors and textures; elements that stimulate the senses and awaken unique sensations.

Peruvian Amazon cuisine varies greatly from other areas of the country. It is based primarily on locally available ingredients. Amazonian cuisine includes many varieties of fish, which are caught in rivers that run through forests. The Amazon is home to many unique fruits that play an important role in the diet of people living in the eastern part of the country.

The traditional cuisines of the Amazon in Peru have their roots in the way in which the Indigenous people that inhabit this territory have related to nature, interpreting its changes, adapting their ways of living to make a sustainable and respectful use of the different resources.

We must understand that the agricultural abundance in which these peoples live depends to a great extent on the conservation of ecosystems, especially rivers, as well as sustainable economic practices and respect for the territory.

The products of Amazonian cuisine and their main recipes will be addressed in this Peruvian Amazonian cuisine workshop. The properties and use of yucca/cassava, chonta, plantain, etc. will be explain in the kitchen.

Most representative dishes that the Peruvian Amazon offers:



Dish from the Peruvian Amazon that resembles a large tamale made from rice, chicken or hen and egg. The rice covers the seasoned chicken and the egg in pieces as if it were a blanket. This is a dish with a very pleasant flavor that can satisfy the most demanding palate.



Tacacho con Cecina y Chorizo

This is an emblematic dish of the Peruvian jungle. It consists of green plantain (fried or roasted) which is crushed and mixed with lard. It is accompanied with cecina (dried and smoked pork) and with chorizo ​​(sausage made from the thin intestines of the pig stuffed with well-seasoned ground meat from the same animal).


It is ideal for fish lovers. A delicious river fish seasoned with spices from the Peruvian jungle wrapped in a leaf and roasted in charcoal. This is a perfect combination that makes the fish to have a special aroma and flavor.

Chicken Inchicapi con Maní

An exquisite soup from the Amazon which has a peculiar ingredient, the hen raised in a corral (domestic hen). Also, blended or ground peanuts, corn, yucca and coriander. This is a delicious soup to enjoy.

Cazuela de Pescado

This dish consists of a stew based on a variety of fish and mollusks, such as: hake or sea bass, squid, mussels, grouper, shrimp, octopus. All of them are mixed with boiled rice and vegetables (pepper, carrot, tomato, etc.).

Chonta or Palm Heart Salad

Originally from the Peruvian Amazon, this fresh dish is eaten especially on Easter days. Its main ingredient is the chonta, a palm tree from which its interior is extracted, called by the natives as the heart of the chonta. Likewise, other plants such as coconut trees, jusará, acai and pijuayo can be used. To make this exotic dish, the chonta is cut into small pieces, then washed two to three times, as it has a strong smell, and then mixed with tomato and more vegetables to the liking of the person and finally lemon is added to taste.


It consists of a stew whose base ingredient is beans, both white and black, which are seasoned with mote and coriander. Some recipes also add corn or even pine nuts, although these ingredients are optional.


They are corn cob leaves, locally called chala or panca, stuffed with a paste made with corn and seasoned with spices from the Peruvian jungle.

Pacotana Frita

Exquisite river fish accompanied by lemon slices and fresh parsley leaves scattered as decoration. To fry the pacotanas, they must be dipped in milk, coated in flour and, finally, fried in plenty of oil, resulting in a delicious crispy golden fish.


The “suri” is a worm that grows in the stem of the aguaje or palmito trees (Amazonian fruits), constitutes one of the exotic dishes and is highly appreciated in the gastronomy of the cities of the Amazon jungle. It is eaten raw or fried and its tasting is part of the daily routine and its consumption only produces curiosity or some kind of objection in foreigners.


Peruvian Creole dishes adapted with Amazonian ingredients

Yuca Rellena (stuffed potato style)

This is a typical Peruvian dish made from yucca/cassava stuffed with meat, onion, egg, olive, spices and fried in very hot oil.

Saltado de sajino or majaz (lomo saltado style)

Lomo saltado is a traditional Peruvian dish. To be more precise, it is a fusion dish that mixes elements of Chinese food and Peruvian food. This typical Peruvian dish is made in a wok, with the technique of sautéing and has soy sauce (China) and has among its ingredients the yellow chili pepper (Peru). It is also made with paprika, onions, tomato, among others. And it is accompanied with French fries. In this workshop we will use the meat of the sajino which is a kind of wild pig or the majaz which is a kind of wild giant rodent.


Ceviche is the flagship dish of Peruvian gastronomy although it is also prepared in other Latin American countries. It is a dish consisting of raw fish meat chopped into cubes and marinated in lemon juice and other spices. The Peruvian ceviche has few ingredients that simplicity highlights the flavor of its main ingredient. In addition to the lemon, the Peruvian ceviche contains ají limo (Peruvian chili pepper), coriander, red or purple onion, salt and white pepper. And it is accompanied with boiled potatoes or sweet potato, cancha or chifles. In this workshop we will use fish from the Amazonian rivers and ingredients from the area.

Amazon drinks

Chapo: It is prepared with ripe bananas that are then boiled and blended with milk and sugar to taste.

Aguajina: Aguaje-based soft drink, which is diluted in water and later sugar is added.

Masato: Drink made with fermented cassava, which is left to rest so that the starch of the tuber turns into sugar.

There is no doubt that the Peruvian jungle offers infinity of flavors capable of delighting the most demanding palates. Proof of this is the great interest it arouses in the greatest culinary connoisseurs and citizens of the world who are attracted by its special flavor, but above all by its natural content and high nutritional value. The Amazon of Peru is a region that deserves to be visited and, we are pretty sure that will give you that feeling of wanting to return.

Objective of the workshop:

Learn to prepare the recipes of some traditional dishes from the Peruvian Amazon.


Time Available

All year

Recommended Age

From 12 years old on

We provide the following products:

-All the necessary ingredients to cook the different dishes chosen by the participant.

-Transportation if necessary within the workshop hours.

-Disposable cap (net).

-Disposable gloves.

– Apron

Lunch is included. The participant will be delighted with all the dishes that we have cooked in the workshop (banquet).

Workshop duration:

7 hours

Difficulty level: Low                                                                                                                                                  The content of the workshop will be adapted to the age and type of the participant


Travelers must bring:

-Hiking shoes.

-Repellent for mosquitoes.

-Sunblock cream.

-Hat or cap.



-Cool clothes like short pants, t-shirts, flip flops, bathing suits, etc.

-Long pants.

-Money in cash because there are no ATM machines in Puerto Inca. The closest ATM is in the city of Pucallpa.

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About Author


Christian Navarro

We are Semillas Life, an international team working for the economic development of the less privileged communities in the Peruvian Amazon since 2018. We focus on education, environment, cultural exchange and sustainable eco-tourism. We are situated in the Peruvian Amazon (Puerto Inca, Huanuco, Peru). Our services comprise of workshops, adventure tours and local eco-tours. We believe that the region of Puerto Inca has so much to offer that people from outside could benefit from its pure and rich nature. By booking any of our tour packages, travelers get a unique chance to experience the stunning natural diversity and experience the beautiful local culture beyond a busy tourist industry. At the same time, they will help us to achieve our goal in giving back to our local community. We co-operate with a range of local experts and professionals. Therefore, all booking fees go either straight to local people (such as farmers, taxi drivers, hostels, restaurants owners, shamanic healer, or boat and tour guides, etc.) as well as supporting the cost of our teaching project and other expenses of Semillas Life.

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