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October 16, 2020

Making Amazonian Craft (Workshop in the Peruvian Amazan)

Written By Christian Navarro

Amazonian Crafts (1 day Workshop)

Learn how to make traditional Amazonian crafts with women and seniors from our native communities. This experiential workshop involves the traveler from the extraction of the raw material to the final product.  The workshop allows the traveler to learn and work creatively with different materials under the supervision of our artisans.  We focus on Vegetable Fiber Fabrics, Textile and Imitation Jewelry.



US$99.00 dollars per adult (16-75 years old)

25% discount for children and young people (10-15 years old)

Children free (1-9 years old)

Day 1. Search for raw materials – Elaboration of traditional crafts

– Transportation in tuc tuc and trekking to the jungle in search of raw material.  We will get different plants, seeds, stones, etc.  (8:00h)

– Lunch (12:30h)

– Handicraft production with native craftsmen.  (14:00h)

– End of workshop (18:00h)


– Transportation to the beginning of the jungle and back to Puerto Inca

– Lunch

– Souvenir (souvenir)


– Breakfast

– Accommodation

– Dinner

Traveler Information: While this hike is not too strenuous, the traveler should be in reasonably good shape as it will be hot as we trek through the jungle.  Bring the necessary equipment such as trekking boots, cool clothing, flashlight, knife, swimsuit, hat/cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, waterproof coats and pants, hiking socks, insect repellent and, water filter.  Also bring cash because there are no ATM machines in Puerto Inca.  The closest ATM is located in the city of Pucallpa.  There is a Banco de la Nación in Puerto Inca, but it does not have an ATM.

Important information:

Handcrafts play an important part in cultural identity, especially in indigenous communities. Because every ethnic group has its own patterns, which are composed of images of the native animals and plants and spiritual, religious symbols. The colors that are used to dye fabrics are also obtained from local plants and are different from ethnic group to ethnic group. The women work with very strong colors and large patterns. To make jewelry, they use seeds of different plants. Cloths, as well as jewelry often have profound meanings, e.g. a bracelet made of wayruro seeds (ormosia coccinea) is supposed to protect young children from evil spirits or shamans wear special clothes during their ceremonies.

The knowledge of making these handcrafts is thousands of years old. Archaeologists and ethnologists were able to determine migration of individual groups using clay vessels. That is why the women are proud to pass on their knowledge.

Semillas Life works closely with the women’s group Tzirotsi – Chana. We want to strengthen the autonomy of these women and are in the process of expanding sales outside of Peru. A part of the fees goes directly to benefit the women.


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About Author


Christian Navarro

We are Semillas Life, an international team working for the economic development of the less privileged communities in the Peruvian Amazon since 2018. We focus on education, environment, cultural exchange and sustainable eco-tourism. We are situated in the Peruvian Amazon (Puerto Inca, Huanuco, Peru). Our services comprise of workshops, adventure tours and local eco-tours. We believe that the region of Puerto Inca has so much to offer that people from outside could benefit from its pure and rich nature. By booking any of our tour packages, travelers get a unique chance to experience the stunning natural diversity and experience the beautiful local culture beyond a busy tourist industry. At the same time, they will help us to achieve our goal in giving back to our local community. We co-operate with a range of local experts and professionals. Therefore, all booking fees go either straight to local people (such as farmers, taxi drivers, hostels, restaurants owners, shamanic healer, or boat and tour guides, etc.) as well as supporting the cost of our teaching project and other expenses of Semillas Life.

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