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August 10, 2019


Written By Kanza Khan

Nanga Parbat, 8,125 meters known as “the Killer Mountain” the 2nd highest peak of Pakistan and 9th highest in the world ranking, located in the western most Himalayan range, Nanga Parbat means “ the naked mountain” and is also known by the locals as “Diamir”

This exciting trek takes you through the most beautiful areas around the Nanga Parbat, visiting lush green alpine meadows and scenic villages, exploring the three base camps around this mountain known as South face from Rupal, Diamer face, and North face from the Fairy Meadows. Nanga Parbat is the only mountain of above 8000 meters in the world where one can walk in circles.

The south face of the Nanga Parbat is one of the highest precipices in the world, a rock face of 4500 meters vertical wall; it also offers one of the most hazardous routes to the top of Nanga Parbat. We drive up to the Astore Gorge through enchanting Himalayan land scapes to the small mountain village of Rupal lies at the foot of south side of Nanga we begin the first leg of the trek crossing the chunghphere and Bazin glaciers before reach to the lush green meadows of the traditional Base camp of this Killer mountain. Crossing the Mazeno pass 5370 meters high, 300 meters steep descend down to the loiba glacier, in to the base camp of Diamer face, which offers the easiest climbing route.

Trek up to the enchanting green pastures of Fairy Meadows, where we see the one of the biggest mountain face and offers the unforgettable view of North Face of Nanga Parbat, hike through the thick high altitude pine forest and lush green alpine meadows to visit the base camp, Nanga Parbat was first climbed by the Herman Bhul in 1953 by a joint Austrian German expedition.


Day 01 ARRIVE ISLAMABAD – Transfer to hotel. Remainder of the day free.(briefing about Nanga Parbat rout).
Day 02 DRIVE TO RAIKOT BRIDGE – As we approach Chilas on the way we have our first views ofNanga Parbat seeming to fill the eastern horizon, though the best views are further on. At Raikot the highway crosses the Indus , but we remain on the south bank. Overnight camping.
Day 03 DRIVE TO TATO – A new jeep track has been built up the Raikot gorge, and we should be able to take a ride for part of the way; if this is not possible we begin the trek, beneath the north ridge of Nanga Parbat. A narrow path high above the gorge takes us up to the village of Tato, which has a hot spring. Overnight camping.
Day 04 TREK TO FAIRY MEADOWS – We continue the climb through Tato towards Fairy Meadows quite a strenuous ascent. This delightful spot takes its name from the local belief that fairies live there, and any spare time can be spent strolling in the pine woods or bathing in the nearby lake (said to be an invigorating experience). Overnight camping.
Day 05 REST – At Fairy Meadows to aid acclimatization- Overnight camping.
Day 06 TREK TO NANGA PARBAT BASE CAMP – After an easy morning the going is fairly difficult as we make our way to Nanga Parbat base camp at 13,000 ft. we have river crossings and also skirt a glacial moraine. Overnight camping.
Day 07-08 CROSS GLACIER -The base camp area is delightful, high open pasture, with a shaded stream near to our campsite. The views all around are superb, and even better from the Great Moraine an island of rock and trees 2000 ft. above the base camp, which is virtually surrounded by glaciers. It is also possible to make an excursion to cross the glacier, well north it for the views. However only trekkers with ice axe and crampons, and experience in their use will be able to undertake this. Overnight camping.
Day 09-10 CROSS JULIPAR PASS(16,000 ft)– We turn westwards to cross the Julipar pass. The pass takes us over the principal northern ridge of the main peak of Nanga Parbat, and gives us excellent views of the many subsidiary peaks, Raikot Glacier and Raikot valley. These are two difficult days over rough terrain, often with No clearly defined paths. Overnight at camping.
Day 11 CLIMB JULIPAR PEAK– Today there is the possibility of climbing the south Julipar peak, which is also at a height of about 17,000 ft. This is a difficult and rugged exercise of D grade, and will require experience of ice axe and crampon techniques. those who do not wish to undertake the climb can relax and explore the environs of the camp.
Day 12 DESCEND BACK TOWARDS INDUS VALLEY. We begin to descend back towards the Indus valley. The going is not always easy but today, in the Patro Valley, we walk some of the time in alpine forests and meadows strewn with flowers.
Day 13 TREK/DRIVE TO GUNAR FARM Today is most steeply downhill, some of it heavy going. At the end we rejoin our transport to take us to our camp at Gunnar Farm. Overnight camping
Day 14 DRIVE TO CHILAS. On arrival transfer to hotel for overnight.
Day 15 DRIVE TO ISLAMABAD, On arrival transfer to hotel.
Day 16 FLY TO ONWARDS DESTINATION. End of our services.
Day 17 Fly to onward destination. End of our services.


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