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October 13, 2015


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Shamanism in Mongolia

As far back as the historical record goes, shamanism was the oldest religion practiced in Asia, which was once a single cultural area extending over Russia, China, India, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal and Persia; where shamanism was concerned, these were a unified culture.

The old religion of Mongolia is shamanism, the worship without scripture, the faith which had no books; the hallmarks of the shaman were ecstatic trembling, involuntary speaking and singing. Along with the shaman’s role in life, though, there were the hallmarks of what seem to be basic Bon beliefs: the cult of the eternal blue sky, the veneration of fire, ancestor-worship; incense offerings to the tengri /sky/, prayers to hills and mountains and the therein, and blessings and curses; and worship.


A shaman is a person who communicates between the spirit and human world.

Shamans are aware of the fact that the physical symptoms of illness are also to be treated, and herbal medicines are administered by shamans in addition to the spiritual healing. The spiritual aspect of the illness, however, is important because the physical symptoms alone are not the true problem.

Soul retrieval is usually necessary in cases of severe and chronic illness. The absence of the ami or suns souls /aura/ makes it practically impossible for a body to function normally.

An extraordinary tour to the shamans of Eastern Mongolia, including the possibility to participate in their authentic and sometime almost extinctrituals.

Worship to nine wishes Ovoo

Ovoo ( heap) is  , usually made from rocks or from wood.

Ovoos are often found at the top of mountains and in high places, like mountain passes. They serve mainly as religious sites, used in worship of the mountains.

Shaman shrine to ensure auspicious riding across the vast distances of Mongolia. Traditionally, the Ovoos are places for libations, ritual offerings of milk and vodka, accompanied by songs telling of the beauty and power of the land.

The nine wishes Ovoos are all of the wishes of humanity.

                  The Nine Wishes:

  1. The wish of Eternity
  2. The wish of Peace
  3. The wish of Happiness
  4. The wish of Family
  5. The wish of Health
  6. The wish of Knowledge
  7. The wish of Benefic
  8. The wish of Success
  9. The wish of Rich

When you see them it’s like a Ger shape.  Eternity Ovoo is in the middle – eight others are surrounded.  Nine wishes Ovoos are only one of the Worlds you can’t see anywhere else.

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