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You’re nearly there….Here’s how to Go-Direct & Save all over this tiny planet……for yourself, your family, your friends and any connections that would also appreciate these tremendous savings.


Save 50% on a Family Membership in

with free access to both Hotelsetc and WorldPrivilegePlus and over 1400 global travel operators.

Offering 100’s of 1000’s of Savings & Discounts & Special Member-Only offers
For Travel, Shopping and Leisure Activities in over 100 countries
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A typical travel pricing scenario:

Tour Operator / Travel Provider cost of tour or accommodation is say $800
T,O, adds the amount needed to get a Return on Investment 200 (25%)
Outlet Price at the source $1000
Wholesaler offers to represent and sell the product & adds 250 (25%)
Wholesale price to a retailer or sometimes direct to traveller $1250
Retailer adds another amount to cover costs and profit margin 350 (28%)
Retail Price to non-members $1600

NB: The mark-up from the Outlet Price is a whopping 60%

Members who Go-Direct can save $600. for EACH family member with just one membership!


**NOTICE Do not forget to hit the “Apply” button when registering to get your special discount code applied!

Benefits of Membership (apart from the above scenario):

  • Access to ALL savings in the 3 clubs – WorldPrivilegeClub, TheTopTravelClub and Hotelsetc.
  • One membership allows all family members and their friends to get the savings. WOW!
  • Valid for 12 months.
  • Unlimited use with no restrictions on the number of bookings, purchases and savings.
  • Guarantee – 100% money-back on your membership dues if, after using your Direct Booking Savings, you find that they did not offer a TRUE, FAIR & HONEST value on your travel selections.
  • We do not earn fees or commissions from any of our travel trade clients. ALL travel discounts are PASSED ON TO MEMBERS.
  • PRICING – We advise our TRAVEL TRADE listed clients that Top Travel Deals MUST offer a unique saving for their travel services. The same savings (except for true 'Outlet Prices') MUST NOT be available without the use of our links and vouchers. If MEMBERS find that this is not the case, we will seek redress from the operator on behalf of the members. ( money-back guarantee available).
  • You can send this SPECIAL OFFER to your friends anywhere in the world so that they may also save $37.50usd on membership and get access to all of these exceptional savings in over 100 countries.

**NOTICE Do not forget to hit the “Apply” button when registering to get your special discount code applied!

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