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April 25, 2016

Spend a Day with a Greek Family

Written By Dimitrios Thanassas


We’d like to invite you to spend the day with us!
Do the things that we do, go to the places that we go.
Become a truly native Greek, NOT just a tourist.
You’ll end up with fond memories, and… lots of gifts & deli items

Here’s the Timetable for your one-day Greek experience

  • we meet at 10 am, at the ticket office of the Ethniki Amyna Metro station, at Holargos
  • we start our daily GoGreek activities: forget about the clock, just enjoy the experience
  • we finish off at about 9 pm, and then we drive you back to the initial meeting point

Front yard

Here’s how we’ll spend the day and what we’ll do together

1. Visiting a local Deli Shop

We start off with a chance to get acquainted with tasty local food delicacies at a local Deli Shop, and receive a free complimentary deli collection, courtesy of the shop owner.

2. Shopping at the “laiki” flea market

We will visit and shop at a local flea market, with a huge variety of fresh food, household products, and various “bits n pieces”. Lots of people strolling and talking, a really buzzing experience.

3. Home cooking

We will cook a traditional greek meal at our home kitchen, where you will also be invited to take part in the cooking “festivities”. It’s a perfect chance to “get your hands dirty” with cooking ingredients (Marina is a great cook, too)

4. Baking bread

While lunch is being prepared, we will also prepare and bake our own homemade bread, in the traditional manner. Greek bread is an essential add-on to any proper lunch.

5. Baking Cheese pie (tyropita)

We will also bake a traditional tyropita (cheese pie), which a definitive greek diet delicacy. The tyropita smell and taste are unforgivable. Don’t be shy, dive into the cooking fun.

6. Having Lunch, at last

Since we’ll have spent a lot of time cooking together, it’s time we “got a taste of our own medicine” and satisfied our taste buds with a generous “overdose” on all our edible creations of the day.

7. Taking Greek lessons

No better time to learn some day-to-day greek words and expressions, than right after lunch. Start communicating like a greek. It’s much more than “yassou” (hello) and “opa”. The greek language is extremely rich (and easy to learn).

8. Coffee time

We’ve had our lunch, we’ve learnt some Greek, now let’s relax on the sofa with a nice cup of coffee. Greek coffee is a definitive must. Time to chit-chat and exchange ideas… Please, tell us about YOU.

9. Excursion to the Ymittos mountain

We’re off for some light afternoon action! Let’s visit the local Ymittos mountain: a great place to enjoy nature at its best, with terrific (and easy) walking and trecking paths. No need to bring special trecking shoes, but high-heels are NOT recommended.

10. Local Greek-Orthodox church

We’re right on time for getting a glimpse of the greek-orthodox evening prayer at the local church, seeking a sense of peace, humility, divinity and introspection.

11. Volunteering

We will grab the chance to contribute our time and effort, towards a worthy cause, like putting together “meal packs” for the poor or homeless. Causes will vary, depending or circumstances, but those in need will definitely benefit a lot.

12. Food tasting

The best way to end our journey to greek lifestyle, is to visit a local tavern and taste a gourmet selection of typical greek titbits, especially prepared for us by the tavern chef. And it’s ALL free.

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Country: Greece
Region: Attica
City: Athens
Address: Holargos, 15561
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About Author

Dimitrios Thanassas

Dimitrios Thanassas

- I am a Computer Scientist and a Marketeer by profession. - I have a PhD in Computing from Imperial College, (London), and the CIM Diploma in Marketing. - I am the Accounts Director for Intron Ltd, a greek company specializing in Exports, Online Promotion, and Tours/Activities services. - We have created the site, where have put together an boutique of authentic Greek experiences, all over Greece, that span many potential preferences. Our guests can see how locals live, take part in insider's walk-abouts, follow off-the-beaten-track routes, and meet real people in real life situations. All these are combined with doing and learning typical Greek things.

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