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October 10, 2015


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Duration – 7 Days/ 6 Nights
Day 1 – Arrival – Transfer to Negombo Hotel / City tour
Day 2 – Muturajawerla Wetland Sanctuary/ Munneswaram Kovil/ Kalpitiya
Day 3 –Dolphin & Whale watching/ Water Sports/ Leisure
Day 4 _ Wasgamuwa National park
Day 5 – Yapahuwa ruins /Kurunegala Giant Buddha statue /Colombo Night Club
Day 6 – Colombo City Tour / shopping / Night Club
Day 7 – Transfer to Airport

Day 1:
On arrival meeting at the airport by our representative and transferred to the
hotel in Negombo…
The wide sandy beaches and the safe sea are the major tourist attractions of
Negombo, .It is a famous fishing town North of Colombo with a rich colonial
history and is a very popular tourist resort. The Dutch constructed a Fort in
Negombo, and the Dutch Canal which was built for the transport of goods
between Colombo and Chilaw also runs through the town. The canal is a hive of
activity to this day with fishermen traveling up and down it in their gaily painted
boats. with a few well preserved coral reefs and a 50 year old
shipwreck that serves as an artificial reef for many varieties of fish. There are
also local handicraft sales on the beaches and the shops near the town. The
street along the beach where the majority of the hotels are located comes alive

at night with souvenir shops, restaurants and bars providing plenty of
entertainment and action.
Water-sports and diving are also extremely popular among visitors, From
November to April diving facilities are available through a number of licensed
PADI instructors. .Leisure near the beach.
Overnight stay at hotel in Negombo.

Day 2 :
After Breakfast leave to Alankuda / Kalpitiya. En route visit ,
Muthurajawela Wetland Sanctuary
The Muthurajawela Wetland is a 2,000 hectare swathe of marshland lying on
the coastal region stretching from Colombo to Negombo. Declared a sanctuary
for its unique environment of mangrove forests and array of flora and fauna it
is home to a number of endemic species. Visitors can take a boat ride to
experience the wetland or explore the marshes on nature trails to see its rich
bio-diversity. The Muthurajawela Wetland has 40 percent of the island’s
vertebrates and is a bird watchers paradise and common sightings include
Cormorants, Storks, Bee-eaters, Kingfishers, Grey Herons, Purple Coots, Little
Green Herons, Yellow Bitterns, Black Bitterns, Moorhens and White-breasted
Munneswaram Kovil
One of the holiest Hindu Temples in the country, Munneswaram Kovil is located
near Chilaw, 80km from Colombo, and has a history dating back from the time
of Ravana who is supposed to have paid homage at this temple. A colourful
festival is held annually in July or August where fire walking can be witnessed
and the festival ends with a water-cutting ceremony.
Overnight stay at hotel in Alankuda/ Kalpitiya .

Day 3 :
After brakfast leave to alankuda/ kalpitiya.
If you are interested in Dolphins, Whales and Turtles, Kalpitiya is the best
location in Sri Lanka for that. In addition the area offers many opportunities for
an eco friendly enthusiast.Who love diving, fishing; camping, wild life and 4
wheels drive adventure. We offer everything you need to make your stay
memorable.Come to see dolphins and whales in their natural habitat… A 25
minute Boat ride will take you to the Dolphin play area. We are committed to
the protection of our local dolphin population while giving you a pleasure on
watching them in an isolated island after watching Dolphins and Whales…
seafood picnic… boat tour through a virgin mangrove and stay in a tent camp.
The day is entirely allocated to relax in the Alankuda Beach. Alankuda Beach is
a starting point for off-shore Whale Watching and Dolphin watching at Kalpitiya.
Alankuda Beach offers a range of water sports: sailing, wind surfing, kayaking,
canoeing, kite surfing and snorkeling.
overnight stay at hotel in Alankuda/ Kalpitiya .

Day 4 :
After Breakfast leave to Wasgamuwa National park .
Willpattuwa National Park in Sri Lanka Located in Northwest coast lowland dry
zone of Sri Lanka. The park lies within the North-central & North-western
providences. The area of the park is 131693 ha. The unique feature of this park
is the existence of “Willus” (Natural lakes). Elephants, leopards, sloth bear,
water buffalo and spotted deer are among the large mammals. Coastal belt and
willus support abundant birdlife such as painted storks, white ibis, open bills,
Whistling teals, spoonbills, cormorants and kingfishers. Apart from them
serpent eagles, great racket tail Drongo, Malabar pied hornbills, crested hawk
eagles & Sri Lanka junglefowls are commonly seen. Both water monitors and
mugger crocodiles can be seen in the willus.
Overnight stay at hotel in Yaphuwa/ Kurunegala .

Day 5 :
After Breakfast leave to Yapahuwa roack fortress.
Yapahuwa is a huge rock fortress similar in concept to Sigiriya, the rock citadel.
The rock which is 300 feet in height with a history dating back to the 13th
century during the reign of King Buwanekabahu has a rock fortress. It rises
abruptly from the plain located on the outskirts of Maho. Yapahuwa is the
home for the Chinese looking ‘Yapahuwa Lion’ stone sculptures which is
reproduced in the country’s Rs. 10 currency note.
The outstanding ruin at Yapahuwa is the marvellous ornamental stone stairway.
This climbs with increasing Maya-like steepness up to the palace. This most
remarkable masterpiece remains on an ornamental stairway that leads to the
royal palace
Many traces of ancient battle defaces can still be seen.. Many interesting ruins
are scattered in every direction. The surviving stone work certainly does florid
but exquisite.
Drive to the Colombo . Evening Leisurely .

Colombo Night life :
A rash of nightspots has popped up in a short space of time giving everyone
who likes to indulge in such activities, more options. Although there are several
nightclubs and bars catering to young adults, those with live bands (mostly of
excellent standard), are very popular with a more mature clientele.
One of the biggest revolutions in Colombo’s nightlife is the emergence of a Pub
Culture, so coupled with Sri Lanka’s reputation for being a hospitable place,
engaging in a pub-crawl is sure to fill your night with great memories and new
friends .
Colombo is an intriguing city with something for everyone, a place constantly
changing, reinventing itself and moving forward as well as keeping some of its
old luster. One thing is for sure, you can never get bored in Colombo with so
much to see and do. Although no Las Vegas, there is plenty of nightlife in
Colombo. Many casinos, or otherwise also called clubs here, scream for your
attention with flashing neon lights. The clubs offer gamblers roulette, baccarat,
poker, blackjack, and other games to try their luck as well as complimentary
food and drinks, and sometimes music with live bands playing. Entrance is only
for those over 18 years and some clubs offer entrance only for foreigners. Be
dressed in smart casual for instant admission.
Overnight stay at hotel in Colombo.

Day 6:
After Breakfast make a city tour .
Optional visit ,
The National Museum,
one of the key attractions in Colombo Sri Lanka
The National Treasure housed in a colonial type mansion, the Museum – as it is ,
perhaps, best known – is the repository of items of interest from pre-historic
times to the near present.
The museum’s invaluable collection of ivory objects are the most unique in the
world. Its vast coin collection (dating back to 6th century BC). the royal throne
and crown of the last king of Kandy (Sri Wickrama Rajasingha) stone
inscriptions and sculptures, intricate jewellery, rudimentary stone implements
and a massive skeleton of a blue whale are the highlights of this museum. Its
collection spans several centuries and a range of cultures, from the Sinhala
kingdoms through to the British era. Highlights include the royal trappings of
the last Kings of Kandy. There is also some superb stone sculpture, as well as
Hindu bronzes and wooden carvings, Sri Lankan and European furniture and
ceramics, and (to Western eyes) a fine array of grotesque masks representing
Buddhist demons and deities. The museum’s huge library of more than 500,000
books is primarily of interest to scholars, but some of its collection of 4000
palm leaf manuscripts – created by etching the lettering into the fibrous surface
of the leaf – are on display. A small Gallery of mid-19th-century paintings and
etchings shows Sri Lanka through the eyes of British artists
The Museum also houses a library that maintains a list of rare historical books
and chronicles for history lovers. and as a research institute it is actively
involved in conducting intensive research in pre history ethnology,
anthropology, culture and the crafts. It also conducts lectures and seminars
National Art Gallery (Cultural Museum)
At 106 Ananda Kumaraswamy Mawatha, this Gallery on the edge of
Viharannahadevi Park houses a rather humdrum assortment of pportraits of Sri
Lanka’s independence pioneers and heads of state. The changing programme of
shows by contemporary Sri Lankan artists is sometimes more interesting. Open
08:00-17:00 daily
Natural History Museum
Housed in the same building as the National Art Gallery, this collection is a hit
and miss affair with stuffed birds and animals displayed in cases showing their
natural habitat, and sections dealing with Sri Lanka’s geology, Climate, and
plant life. The most striking display is of an elephant’s skeleton, and there are
also displays which focus on some of the country’s ambitious hydro-electric and
irrigation engineering schemes. Open 09:00-17:00 daily.

The Fort
The Portuguese and the Dutch periods originally built Colombo Fort. It is now
the commercial nerve centre of Colombo city. There are number of interesting
places which can be accessed on foot. Some of theseplacesare; The colonial
buildings the Presidential Secretariat
Pettah is the main shopping hub of Colombo and is adjacent to Fort.
Viharamahadevi Park
Viharamahadevi Park is the oldest and the largest park in Colombo city,. Also a
feast for the eyes is the Cinnamon Gardens, where the elegant tree lined
streets houses the palatial residences of the ruling elite.
Galle Face Green
The Galle Face Green is a promenade, which stretches for half kilometre along
the coast in the heart of financial, and business district of Colombo. This
promenade on the sea face is the favourite haunt for children, teenagers,
lovers, vendors and all those who want to indulge in their past time activities
under the open sky.
Slave Island
It has a varied picture consisting of elegant stores, office buildings, Churches,
the important Buddhist Gangarama Temple, a residential colony as well as
filthy stinking slums. Anyone looking for peace of mind can visit the Sima
Malaka meditation island which belongs to the nearby temple.
Independence Square

Independence Square and its surroundings considered to be one of the most
prestigious locations in Colombo are to be converted into an exclusive haven
for cultural activities, recreation and academic and research excellence.
Beach Wadiya – Wellawatte
One of the world famous beach restaurants and even Princess Anne dined
here.The restaurant serves fresh seafood and even discusses the menu with
you under a thatched roof on plain wooden tables; weather permitting on the
sand outside. Great atmosphere.
The main shopping center for the locals is Pettah where the markets are busy
and bustling. The main branch of Laksala, Sri Lanka’s largest handicrafts shop is
at Fort. More up market shopping destinations are towards the south of the
city center along the Galle Road. Majestic City, Liberty Plaza and Crescat are
popular among the locals where you could find handicrafts, tea and garments.
Odel at Lipton Circus offers good quality items such as clothes, shoes, tea,
books and leather goods in a fashionable setting. Sri Lanka is one of the largest
producers of garments. There are many locations dotted around the city selling
good export quality garments. Shoppers should be aware of cheap imports that
has flooded some of these outlets recently.
Be careful with gem buying. The State Gem Corporation will examine, free of
charge, gems purchased elsewhere, but if they prove to be fakes the
Corporation can do nothing to help you get your money back. Sri Lanka mines
sapphires, rubies, garnets, aquamarines, zircons and alexandrite, but has no
diamonds or emeralds.
Golfing in Colombo
Enjoy a game of golf at Royal Colombo Golf Club, one of the oldest golf clubs in
the world. The Galle Face Green was the birthplace and nursery of golf in

Ceylon. The ground was used for games such as Horse Racing, Cricket, Golf,
Rugby, Football, and Hockey. The 130 year old Royal Colombo Golf Club: Golf in
Sri Lanka, like many other British sports gained popularity on the Galle Face
Green. The Colombo Golf Club was formed here and in 1896 moved to its
present location which was a model farm originally owned by Sir Charles Henry
de Soysa, a Ceylonese philanthropist. In 1928 the privilege of using the prefix
“Royal” was bestowed upon the Club by His Majesty King George V. In present
days this course is 5’770 m long 18-hole par 71 course. The course looks simple
at first but it’s many water hazards and well guarded bunkers will quickly
change your opinion.
Overnight stay at Hotel in Colombo.

Day 7:
After breakfast transfer to the airport.

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