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October 15, 2015

Surf Coast to Coast in Portugal

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The Portuguese coast presents itself as an ideal location for surfers. It offers a variety of landscapes from north to south, with fantastic beaches with great and clean sands or authentic natural paradises, more “secret” and wild. With many different types of waves and weather conditions offers ideal conditions for practicing different performance levels of this sport. Portugal has a temperate climate with plenty of sunshine, the waves are regular throughout the coast all year round. The combination of a clipping from coast with a Atlantic flow curling results in a space of more than 800 km of coastline worth exploring.

Tiago Pires* says in Surf Guide Tourism of Portugal: “From north to south, the islands and the like, we are fortunate and privileged to have mind-blowing waves, all very different from each other, for all tastes and sizes, one authentic maritime catalog designed almost flawlessly …”
Espinho, Ericeira, Figueira da Foz and Sagres are some classic examples of Surf spots in Portugal. In Peniche, the Supertubes is a wave for experienced surfers who like to make big tubes.Besides surfing you can try sports such as windsurf,bodyboard, or stand up paddle and enjoy a great climate and magnificent natural beauty.

We invite you to discover some cities still of enormous historical and cultural heritage and enjoy our traditional cuisine and tasty fish.

Tiago Pires*- Is a surfing sensation in Portugal and a rising star on the international scene.

Day 1: Arrival

Welcome to Portugal
Transfer from Sá Carneiro Airport to hotel
Check in at Hotel Apartment Solverde
Rest of the day free to visit Porto

Day 2: Surf in Espinho

Breakfast Buffet
Check out
Full day of surfing in Espinho:
Spot 1 : Espinho – Access to this spot is easy to find, the quality of the wave is classic regional, and ideal for all surfers , the wave is kind of breakwater / jetty.
Tranfere to Figueira da Foz
Check in at Hotel Sweet Atlantic

Day 3: Surf in Figueira da Foz

Breakfast Buffet
Check out
Full day of surfing at Figueira da Foz :
Spot 2: Figueira da Foz ( Buarcos ) – Some of the best waves in Europe are at this spot . The quality of the waves are regional classic , the type of wave is point- break , the direction is right, ideal for experienced surfers . This is a long point break world class .
Transfer to Nazaré
Check in at Hotel Magic Art Nazaré

Day 4: Surf in Peniche / Nazaré

Breakfast Buffet
Check out
Full Day Surf in Peniche / Nazaré :
Spot 3 : Praia da Nazaré – This spot is one of the most popular in Portugal and in the world , due to the biggest wave in the world (34 meters) , according to Guinness World Records has been ridden by Garrett McNamara Nazare in 2013 . The wave quality is classic regional, ideal for experienced surfers . The type of wave is beach- break . Surfing in Nazareth can make you feel emotions in common with nature.

Spot 4 : Lagido – It is situated in baleal, in front of the Yellow House. The wave quality is a regional classic , the type of wave is reef – rocky , the direction is left, ideal for experienced surfers.

Spot 5 : Super Tubos – One of the most exciting spots in Peniche . The quality of the wave is totally epic . The type of wave is sand- bar, in the direction of left and right , only for professional or crazy .
Transfer to Ericeira
Check in at Hotel Vila Gale Ericeira

Day 5: Surf in Ericeira

Breakfast Buffet
Check out
Full Day Surf Ericeira:
Spot 6 : Coxos – It’s another spot with a fantastic quality , because the quality of the wave is totally epic , with waves of rocky – reef , ideal for experienced surfers only .
Transfer to Cascais
Check in at Hotel Vila Gale Village Cascais

Day 6: Surf in Guincho

Breakfast Buffet
Full Day Surf in Guincho:
Spot 7 : Guincho – It’s one of the best spots near Lisbon the capital of Portugal. The wave quality is classic regional, and type of wave is beach- break, with direction to the right and left, ideal for all surfers.
Transfers to the Fabrica International Polen in Cascais
Visit the Fabrica International Polen of where they produced some of the best boards in Europe.
Transfer to the hotel

Day 7: Free Afternoon & Spa in Lisbon

Breakfast Buffet
Transfer to the Spa Satsanga in Paco de Arcos
Morning dedicated to well-being at Satsanga Spa at Hotel Vila Gale Collection Palacio dos Arcos, where you can count on massage rooms, Turkish bath, sauna and heated indoor pool dynamics. It will be a good way to relax the body and mind and recharge the various spots to surf in Costa Vincentian sufar and big waves.
Transfer to Lisbon
Free afternoon to meet and visit Lisbon
Transfer to Vila Nova de Mil Fontes
Check in at Herdade da Matinha Country House & Restaurant

Day 8: Surfing in Costa Vicentina

Breakfast Buffet
Check out
Full Day of Surfing in Costa Vincentian Sines, Santo André, St.Torpes and Porto Covo.
Spot 8 : Aivados – This spot is near the Malhão Costa Vincentian . The wave quality is normal and has steering to the left and right. And the kind of wave is beach- break , great for all surfers.

Spot 9 : Costa de Santo André – This spot is located on the beach of Lagoa de Santo Andre . It has a sand bar wave type , on good days the pipes are laid .. Stir enough funds due to coarse sand . The southeast wind is offshore and provides days of classic surf with peaks of left and right.

Spot 10 : São Torpes – This Spot is located near Sines the largest city in the region . It has a wave -type sand- bar and the quality is classic regional, with a direction to the right and left , good for all surfers . The beach St.Torpes has a long sandy beach with about 4 Km where are the waves of the Spot 10 Spot 15.

Spot 11 : Molhe – This spot marks the beginning of the beach St. Torpes and is gateway to the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo . The jetty is facing south , with the north wind offshore , is the best curling Northwest / West . The left of the jetty is well known and consistent. Depending Dimples also runs a long right.

Spot 12 : Pedra Amarela – This Spot is located 150m from the jetty wave. Here all the winds are offshore This quadrant . Sandy bottom provides much fun days . Left and right peak .

Spot 13 : Pico Louco – This spot works with every wind of this quadrant . Mixed background of this peak set E Esq directory . is one of the most popular beach St.Torpes , works from half meter swells and warm himself up to 2m . Best Curling is the North / Northwest

Spot 14 : Direitona – As the name indicates this spot breaks right in a background of stone and sand, providing days of classic surf with little crowd . The best wind is anyone quadrant and this works best for low tide. Runs through 2m.

Spot 15 : Vieirinha – The southern part of this spot is sandy bottom . It is usually better with waves up to one meter and works best with medium tide . In northern beach background is mixed and curling up with 1m and low tide along a stone called ” Bark Stone ” scrolls a long right with different sections . Best Wind : either quadrant THIS . Best Curling : North / Northwest.

Spot 16 : L – Point – Spot This works when it is smaller in the earlier spots . The best swell direction is north quadrant winds with THIS . Empty to fill a left break with good sections and wall standing tide. With the mare filled the same wave breaks also right. The left is longer and starts at rock bottom and ends on mixed background. The right intention is shorter and terminating in shallow rock. Not advised for levels of surfing initiation.

Spot 17 : Porto Covo – Arrived will fishing village of Porto Covo , close to Sines. Has 3 known waves: Spot 17 : Little Donkey , Spot 18 : Long Beach and Spot 19 : Bay

Spot 18 : Burrinho – Situated in the old Road to St.Torpes and Porto Covo. Burrinho  is a great spot where you can ride a totally epic wave, the type – rocky reef with the direction to the right and left, only for professionals and adventurers. Breaking with rippling North / Northwest from 2m height. Inputs and outputs difficult.

Spot 19 : Praia Grande – This spot works best tide and sand bottom breaks in between boulder and can provide much fun days .. THIS wind quadrant and waving north to 1m .

Spot 20 : Baía – This spot breaks in top condition with low tide , swell from 1.5 m and wind quadrant WEST THIS. This wave provides memorable days of surfing. only for professionals and adventurers .
Transfer to Sagres
Check in at Hotel Memmo Whaling
Day 9: Surf in Sagres

Breakfast Buffet
Full Day Surf in Sagres:
Sagres can find excellent breaks , where you will find the best waves . Options range from the easiest waves to breaking slowly with beach breaks up fast and strong point Breaks . These are some qualities that make this ideal for both beginners and experienced surfers destination.

Spot 21 : Ponta Ruiva – This spot have a regional classic wave quality , with a rocky reef – type wave , the direction it ‘s for right and left , and ideal for all surfers.

Spot 22 : Zavial – This spot is also called Z – Point, has world class waves , the wave type is point- break , the direction is to the right and left and is ideal for experienced surfers . In winter this spot often becomes overpopulated since this is a beach with surf Ecolas.
This beach is perfect , is the magic color of the water can be as blue or green so that it sometimes seems the scene photos from the Maldives and Indonesia. It has a great atmosphere and you can enjoy a local restaurant a grilled fish accompanied by a fresh white wine. Life is also made things simple and unique moments .

Day 10: Departure

Breakfast Buffet
Morning free to do the check out, we recommend a visit to the village of Sagres and its promotório
Check out
Transfer to Faro Airport

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