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Walking Tours, Food Tours and Cooking Classes in Rome – get a 10% discount!

April 16, 2019

Walking Tours, Food Tours and Cooking Classes in Rome – get a 10% discount!

Written By Nina Marok

Feel the Eternal City with all your senses!

Sublime Tours offers a 10% discount for Top Travel Club members. You can choose from the following tours:

Walking Tour in the Heart of Rome and a Pizza Making Class

Walk down the cobblestones of Rome while listening to the stories about the squares, monuments, fountains and the biggest works of art that make Rome ‘an open-air museum’.
During the walking tour, you will visit the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and more.
After the walk, you will wrap up the experience in one of the local restaurants where a professional pizza-master will teach you how to make your own pizza from scratch. Your meal will consist of a pizza with toppings of your choice, a dessert, and a drink.
Whether you have just arrived in Rome or you have already seen the major sites, this tour makes a great experience meeting the city in a different way.

Private tours available for online bookings!

Walking Tour in the Heart of Rome and a Pasta Making Class

Explore Rome in a very small group (maximum 8 people) and wrap the experience up with a cooking class.
Walk down the cobblestones of the Eternal city while listening to our guide revealing not only the historical background of the most famous squares and fountains but also the curiosities about them. Explore the places where ancient meets the present and visit Hadrian’s temple, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona; discover the ruins of the ancient aqueduct and throw the coin into the Trevi fountain to ensure your return to Rome.
After the walk, head to one of the local restaurants and learn how to make pasta from scratch under the guidance of the professional chef, who will reveal the secrets of authentic Roman cuisine. After the cooking class, enjoy a three-course lunch or dinner.
The final menu consists of:
– appetizer
– a pasta dish with a sauce of your choice
– dessert

Private tours available for online bookings!

Try Yourself in the Italian Kitchen

Take a piece of Italy home with you!
On these very small group cooking classes, you will learn how to make two types of pasta from scratch and a tiramisu, while a professional chef will also reveal the secrets of Italian cuisine. Besides the pasta dishes, you will learn how to make some of the most traditional Roman and Italian sauces.
The menu consists of an appetizer, two pasta dishes with sauces of your choice, tiramisu, and a drink.
At the end of the cooking class, the recipes will be provided, so that you can make the same dishes back home.

The Taste of Rome: Very Small Group Food Tour of Rome

While we are all familiar with typical Italian dishes such as pizza and gelato, only a few non-Italians have ever heard of “suppli”, “saltimbocca alla Romana” or “maritozzo”. Besides coffee, pasta, and gelato, you will get to taste the real Italian and Roman specialties, developed throughout history under different circumstances, but still living and developing today.
Join us on this very small-group tour and discover bits and pieces of culinary history that make Italian cuisine what it is today.
Meet the local foodie districts:
– Testaccio for the morning departures;
– Campo de’ Fiori and Trastevere for the afternoon departures.
– A very small group of a maximum of eight people guaranteed;
– More than 15 traditional food tastings (savory and sweet);
– Three types of wines,
– Learn the secrets and legends of Roman cuisine,
– Learn about architectural and artistic surroundings that make Rome an open-air museum.
Learn not only what locals eat and drink but also how they do it!

Vibe: Walking Tour of Rome in a Very Small Group

This tour provides great personal experience in super small groups of a maximum of eight people. Due to the small size groups, our guests are given a personalized and intimate tour in which they have enough time and freedom to ask as many questions as they want. The tour also gives enough time for the photos of each site and its surroundings and guests may adjust the times spent at a certain monument according to their needs and desires.
The tour provides a great orientation experience for those who just arrived in Rome. However, our passionate story-tellers make this tour a unique experience also for those who have already seen the major sites and are looking to see Rome in a different way, “from the inside”.

Enter the Lab of the Oldest Gelato Factory in Rome

Take a piece of Italy home with you and learn all the tricks for making the best Italian ice cream.
After a short walk with our guide, who will show you some of the hidden gems in the area, you will enter the lab of the oldest ice cream shop in Rome. There, the “gelatiere” (ice-cream master) will reveal the secrets of the best artisanal gelato.
The final menu consists of coffee, fresh ice-cream, and sweet surprises. 

A Day Away From Crowds: Underground, Panorama, Optical Illusions … with a Lunch or Dinner!

Beneath, Above and Beyond … With lunch!
This half-day tour starts with a visit to Basilica San Clemente, which provides an insight to 2000 years of history in three ground layers. After that, the tour takes you on the less-known Caelian Hill where ancient Roman Houses were discovered. It continues towards the oldest entertaining venue, Circus Maximus and the Aventine hill where you will enjoy the stunning views over Rome away from crowds.
You will wrap up the experience in one of the local restaurants with a typical Roman lunch or dinner.
This tour will make you see Rome from different points of view, discovering some of its hidden gems and optical illusions. As such it provides an overview of Roman cultural history, supported with examples from architecture and arts, which makes it a great experience for those who just arrived in the city, as well as, for those who have already seen the major “must-see” sights and are looking to experience something different.

Wine Tasting in a Bohemian District of Rome

Travel through Italian regions in a different way!
On this tour, you will taste the most famous wines of Italy with our expert. While sipping best wines paired with food, our guide will explain the stories behind each wine.
Besides the wine tasting, you will get to know the trendy neighborhood of Pigneto, which is only rarely visited by tourists.
Wine tasting includes:
– Sparkling Wine from the Northern regions of Italy
– Two varieties of white wine
– Two varieties of red wine
– Dessert wine

Night in Rome to Remember

Party in Rome. Did you know that you can skip the line to enter the nightclubs? Start your night out in Rome with ‘aperitivo’. Have it followed with bars and clubs that host the best events in town at the moment!
This tour starts with an ‘aperitivo’ in one of the hippest neighborhoods just a few blocks away from Piazza Navona.
After the ‘aperitivo’ you will enter another trendy bar in the city center where you will have a cocktail or another drink of your choice. Your night will continue in one of the trendiest clubs, where you will skip the line, sip your favorite cocktail and enjoy the beats of the most famous DJs at the moment.
Worth mentioning is that your tour guide is a famous Roman DJ Nela Lucic
Please bring a photo ID. All the people must be 18+


Visit our website and enter a promo code RomeTTC2019 for a 10% discount.


Our mission is to provide a unique experience of the Eternal City, where our guests do not only see the streets and monuments but feel it with all five senses. To truly do so, all our tours are either private or semi-private, never exceeding the number of eight people. Whether you want to try yourself in the real Italian kitchen, taste local dishes or discover the hidden gems and Roman underground, we will go out of our way to make your trip to Italy a sublime experience. Join us on our walking tours, food tours or cooking classes and take a piece of Italy back home with you!

For more information or special requests do not hesitate to contact us:



phone: +39 327 7131944

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November 18, 2015

Rome Bike Tour: Appian Way and Aqueducts Park in 6 hours

Written By wheely

appia-400x300Enjoy a 6-hour cycle ride from central Rome towards the countryside and see the Appian Way from the saddle of a comfortable bicycle. Experienced guides will escort you to discover this fascinating area rich in ancient monuments and natural beauties.

Meet your guide a few meters away from the Colosseum, a perfect starting point for tourists discovering Rome. Head to the Appian Way, an ancient road that runs through the roman countryside and the park of the Appia Antica, and see first hand some of Rome’s most important achievements. Cycle past the Aurelian Walls and the Tomb of Cecilia Metella and reach the Aqueducts Park to admire a network of overhead channels bringing thousands of liters of water into ancient Rome every second.

Your visit will include stops at: • Caracalla’s Thermal Baths • S. Sebastian’s Gate and Aurelian Walls • Ancient Appian Way • S. Callisto Catacombs • Circus of Maxentius • Tomb of Cecilia Metella • Ninfeum of Villa dei Quintili • Aqueducts Park • Ninfeum of Egeria • Caffarella Park

What’s included:

  • Quality trekking bike or mountain bike
  • Helmet
  • Tour leader
  • Lunch
  • Insurance
  • Free bike seat for infants 0-4 years
  • Tag-along or independent bike for children 5-9 years old


Not included:

  • Entrance fees
  • Tips and any other extras not mentioned

– Lunch for children 0-4 years to be paid on the spot if needed (maximum 15€).

– This tour covers approximately 25 km

– Everyday at 10:30am, from March 1st until December 15th

– Please arrive 15 minutes before the tour starts. Don’t forget to bring an identification document for each participant.

Additional Info
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Region: Lazio
City: Rome
Address: Via Ostilia, 29 - 00184 Rome
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Currency: USD
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