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October 20, 2015

The Big Romania Wine Tour

Written By Admin


As wine and vineyards have in Romania a long traditions, the leading vineyards are spread throughout the country, in all its historical provinces as Moldavia, Wallachia, and Transilvania. Up to now I have offered many Romanian tours, but I strove that my tours are shorter and smaller, as I thaught to offer Romania on a small budget. But many of my clients remonstrated, and said that they would have stay longer, in order to know Romania deeper.

O.K., let’s do it, let’s think big and globally, but I have to warn: Romania has many hidden faces, and even I don’t know them all after living a life here! But I will strive to show you many of the Romanian mysteries, to the best of my knowledge. I also have something for those who are not wine afficionados, as me and most of my tourists: this is not exclusively a Romania Wine Tour, but also a Romanian culture tour, facilitating an in depth sight view of Romania. Even this Tour is not complete, there are a few vineyards from Transilvania missing


Arrival in Bucharest, departure to the Black Sea coast. Dinner and accommodation in Constanta or Eforie Nord, one of the seaside summer resorts.


Panoramic-_Calea_Victoriei (1)

Bucharest and its eclectic mix of architecture style has a secret charm


DAY 2Morning at leisure (you might have a sun bath, or just relax). Lunch with wine tasting at Murfatlar – in the biggest vineyard of Romania. In the afternoon visit to Constanta and Tulcea the city at the entrance of Danube Delta. Dinner and accommodation.
DAY 36-hour Danube Delta Tour, with lunch on board. Dinner and wine tasting at Niculitel the second largest vineyard of Dobrodgea. Special here are the 
 Romanian red wines(”Feteasca”and”Babeasca”) of Niculitel


DAY 4Departure to Iasi. We cross the Danube at Galati and we arrive late in the afternoon in Iasi, the capital of Moldavia after visiting the small but exceptional winemaker of Husi (the famous wine – ”Busuioaca de Bohotin”) Tis was one of the favorite wines of the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.. Dinner and wine tasting at Bucium, one of the largest winemakers of Moldavia.
DAY 5What about dinner in a monastery with wine made by the monks and their blessing for the rest of our tour? Morning at leisure, or a visit to Iasi to see the Mitropolitan Cathedral, Culture Palace and Golia monastery. Lunch and wine tasting at Cotnari, one of the oldest wineries of Romania, where we can  find the unique Romanian wine “Grasa de Cotnari”

DAY 6.. Departure to Focsani, the center of Romanian wine. Here we will visit a couple of winemakers and have many wine tastings such as: specific in the area  “Champagne” of Panciu, the famous wine of Odobesti and others of VINCON – Vrancea

Focsani 016


Focsani is not only a Romanian Wine Capital, but also a cultural  city.


DAY 7Today we continue the yesterday program with wine tasting. Lunch and wine tasting at one of the wineries. Diinner and accommodation.
DAY 8Departure to Brasov, one of the most beautiful medieval cities of Transylvania. Lunch break. We will visit the Dracula Castle and have dinner and wine tasting at “Cerbul Carpatin” with Romanian Folk music.
DAY 9Departure to Ploiesti over Cheia Gorges to have lunch somewhere on the Romanian wine road, the largest red wine region of Romania: the Prahova area. Visit to the greatest winemaker of this area, inPloiesti. Dinner and accommodation.


DAY 10We visit several wineries of this area (Dealu Mare, Urlati etc.) and late in the afternoon we come to Bucharest. Lunch and wine tasting at Dealu Mare or Urlati wineries. Dinner and accommodation.
DAY 11Bucharest sightseeing, we visit the Palace of Parliament (former Palace of Socialism during Ceausescu’s dictatorship – second biggest building in the world after the Pentagon). Lunch at a fancy restaurant. Last wine tasting and farewell dinner.
DAY 12 Transfer to airport. Departure. Please, let your air company know that you carry a precious luggage, containing at least 10 bottles of best Romanian wine!











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