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Travel Operators FAQ


Do you accept direct bookings from travellers?
Would you pay us a fee or commission if our members booked directly with you?

If yes…
Our Travel Operators Promotions system (TOPs) will promote and direct our members to your website.


We do not want any fees or commissions from you…for any of our services!


Our members want to Go-Direct & Save!

We invite you to offer your Best Direct Rates to our members –  your net of commission prices.

If this is not of interest, please do not continue.

Part 1…

We now have over 1,400 global travel and tour business operators that promote their services to our members. These independent businesses represent many thousands of travel and tour selections around this tiny planet (space travel will also be welcomed) that are now available at direct booking savings or net of commission prices to our members. We do not accept any commissions, affiliate, click or advertising fees from any travel business operator- this really does mean – free!

Our business model finds the ever-growing market of travellers who are comfortable with handling their own travel arrangements directly with travel and tour operators over the internet and who do not want to pay prices that include retail sales commissions.

Part 2… if still interested….

Websites enable travellers to Go-Direct to travel operators – the source – or to Destination and Activity experts who have been there, done that and got a few t-shirts! At The Top Travel Club we endeavour to find global travel businesses that are prepared to deal directly with our members…but not at a retail price!

A few questions for you:
1… As an operator of a travel business, would you pay us commissions or fees if our members purchased your services from us or from our introduction?….If YES see 2…. If NO, please stop now!

2… Rather than pay us…would you be prepared to give 100% of any commissions or fees back to our members to encourage them to buy directly from you?..If YES see 3.

3… If you agree that this will encourage our members to  ‘Go-Direct’ to you and will also reward them when they buy directly from you….why not list and link with TOPs?

All of our offers are only accessible by our members and they are allowed to access as many as they want for travel by their own family members and friends who are travelling or booking together….wow!

That’s what we do at when you allow us to promote your direct booking offers with net of commission prices or member-only discounts on your travel services for our members.

(Think-about-it….Doesn’t it make sense to give the sales commission back to our members rather than for you to pay us or a third party – and why pay a listing fee, link fee or click fee only to be inundated with non-buyers!)

Part 3…still with us?

OK……..How much will this cost you for our advertising, marketing, promotion and prominent direct links to your website?


All of our advertising, marketing, promotion and prominent direct links to your travel websites are FOC when joining our Travel Operator Promotions system (TOPs).

No fees of any kind for additions, changes or deletions.

No charges whatsoever to travel business operators at The Club.The Club does not sell travel or take or make reservations….no non-client ads on our site that may detract from your offers….all transactions are handled between our travellers and our travel-trade clients….you!

Too good to be true…..see how over 1,000 travel trade clients are now using our program. We currently offer 100’s of 1000’s of direct booking and purchase savings on travel and shopping in over 100 countries with new selections added every week. We are ardent supporters of local travel businesses and we also want to encourage more travellers to seek out new destinations and activities.

If you know any other travel business that could benefit from our ‘no cost’ travel promotion and sales program we would be obliged if you could make them aware of this excellent opportunity – whether they are small B&B’s, day tours, luxury accommodations or extended tour operators – all travel-related businesses are welcome to join our Travel Operator Promotions system (TOPs) at The Club…FOC.

Part 4…list and link with us…
How to open your free account …..TOPs is a DIY  (Do It Yourself) system on our site….THIS IS HOW TO SET UP YOUR OWN OFFERS:
1.  Click on the ‘Travel Operator Registration’ link at the top of our front page.
2.  Complete the information and submit the application.
3.  We will confirm by email.
4.   You can then log in to your free account and set up your travel offers for our members. (You have full control to add, change or delete your offers….at no cost…our revenues are from membership dues).

Important – remember to add pictures to your offers for us to use on our club site and we can feature you as a ‘Top Travel Sight’ at our Pinterest and Twitter sites.

You can set up a percentage, value amount, a net/outlet price or your own creative offers on any or all of your published offers by travel destinations and travel activities.

We also recommend that you do not have too many limited time offers that will require you to constantly monitor, change or delete your offers….Please KISS (Keep It Super Simple)………Not quite the end….see Part 5…

Part 5…our bonus section.

Bonus 1….Members of The Top Travel Club, World Privilege Club (3.5million members) and will all have access to your travel offers.

Bonus 2…When you join our TOPs program, we will also offer you a free family membership ($75usd) for your own savings on travel and shopping in over 100 countries…..and counting, plus access to global airfares at agency buy rates.

Bonus 3…Exciting news! The Top Travel Club has partnered with TourismTiger: the #1 website design company on the market for tour and activity operators. Why is this so exciting?

Well, as you know, when you are registered with The Top Travel Club, customers are redirected to your site to complete bookings — and nothing will give a worse impression of your business than a poorly designed website.That’s where TourismTiger comes in: they will design a site that will create a perfect user experience for anyone viewing your site. From the word go, your customers will know that they are in professional hands — and that they are in for a great time.

While TourismTiger is already one of the cheaper web design companies around, they are willing to offer The Top Travel Club members a truly unbeatable exclusive discount. Check it out here.


Insider Stuff

Many small business travel operators and accommodation providers cannot get representation from wholesalers or retailers as they may not be able to offer the volumes or type of product required. However, if their products are sold by a third party, they would be marked up to allow for cost recovery and a profit margin at various levels. Even tourism offices that sell local products may want commissions…hence a mark-up from the OUTLET PRICE.

We invite any travel operator to offer outlet prices, direct booking discounts and savings or unique ‘member-only’ prices and deals that eliminate the many levels of ‘profit’ wanted by middlemen.

In order to present full coverage of travel selections for members and various levels of knowledge, experience and expertisde, we also invite wholesalers and retailers to offer ‘member-only’ savings.

Wholesalers are often able to discount their products and even retailers have the opportunity to offer deals that enable them to put another ‘bum in a seat.’

Many wholesalers do not allow consumers to Go-Direct but lead them to their preferred retail agents.

Our Top Travel Vouchers and Promo Codes offer various levels of savings…from outlet prices to deep discounts….and only one membership is needed per family.

Knowledge, Experience, Expertise (KEE skills)

Travel & Tour Operators and Accommodation Providers either own or design their products and services and thus have the KEE skills relating to their own offers.

Wholesalers and Inbound Tour Operators select products and services from many different operators and providers and offer them to retail travel agents around the world. Sometimes they will allow consumers to buy-direct but in doing so may alienate their preferred retail agents.

Retail Travel Agents seem to be a vanishing breed due to the popularity, unlimited selections and cost savings offered with the Internet. If however, you require detailed itinerary planning for multi-destinations or complex travel and tour requirements it may be better to select a professional travel agent with those KEE skills.

Be careful of the so-called ‘Destination Specialists’ who may not be experts and who may have only taken a simple ‘course’ or answered a simple questionnaire from a ‘Supplier or Tourism Office’ that allows them to call themselves…’ Specialists’…but really means that they …specialize in ‘selling’ their preferred products and packages to earn sales commissions. They may not have even ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’….too many of these specialists can damage the reputation of professionals who have put in serious time and effort to perform for their clients.

Now it is up to you…. be a smarter traveller and join The Top Travel Club or ?????

Free Listings for Travel Businesses

AT NO COST to any travel and tour business, our Travel Operator Promotions system (TOPs) will promote your services to the members of, and Travelzcard. Simply offer direct booking discounts, outlet prices or unique member-only deals and you can create your own TopTravelVouchers, Promo Codes or Custom Pages with text and pictures and be listed and linked by Destination and Travel Activity. Click here for full information about your FREE account registration and NO COST promotion and sales.